February 27th, 2011


More apartment woes - do I have any rights?

I posted a few months ago about waking up to graffiti on my bedroom window and how I wasn't happy with what my apartment complex did to remedy the situation. The general consensus was that the apartment did what they could do, and there was really nothing else that could be done either way.

Well, a few more things have happened and I was wondering if these recent occurrences change whether or not I can break the lease without paying the last months' rent ahead of time. This has potential to get long - so sorry. :(

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So I guess, long story short, I'm going to leave this apartment either way before my lease is up. I am getting married at the end of July; the lease is up in August. We are looking at other apartments to move in together. I have looked at the lease for this apartment, and aside from reasons that the apartment could break the lease at no cost (job, military, etc.), the only other way is to give two months' notice and pay a months' rent up front.

My question - do I have a real case? My dad says I could argue "dangerous conditions" because of the water leaking all over the electrical components in the apartment. I have called the complex and asked for a manager again. I am going to ask about breaking the lease and whether or not I have to pay the full price to do so.