February 23rd, 2011

Unexpectedly terrible customer service on multiple levels

This is possibly the worst customer service I've ever received, and from a restaurant's owner, no less.

Having visited this restaurant (sandwich place just north of Chicago) several times in the past and receiving ok food and ok service, I absolutely refuse to ever go again based solely on the attitude of the owner.

I recently ordered food to go on a Friday afternoon. It wasn't very busy and my order was simple: a burger with a side of potatoes and coleslaw, plus an extra order of potatoes and coleslaw, which I knew would cost extra. Fine. Guy X (who I recognize as the owner from previous visits) charges me for my food, I look in the bag and everything looks ok, I even add a tip of $2 to my bill for pickup.

I get the food home, and they gave me only one order of potatoes, after charging me for two. Wouldn't be a big deal, except that these stupid potatoes cost $3, plus tax. So I called them to ask to please just refund my card for the food I didn't receive.
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Very long story short, I will never, ever, EVER patronize this place again, due to their owner's terrible customer service, outright lies, and completely unprofessional and inappropriate business practices, and I hope no one else in my city does either.

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So, we rent our house. It's an old house, with old counters, cabinets, bathrooms, pipes, etc.

During Christmas time our sink pipes burst, making a lake on our kitchen floor. Thankfully Stepdad, Grampa and Neighbour are all handy men - after much rushing around, we got the parts and they managed to fix it...although the cabinets under the sink suffered severe water damage, which warped the wooden part of the counter - underneath the stone.

Owner of house is "pleased we have handy people around" but "wishes we would have called professionals"...despite having hired all three of those people to build the fence around the yard, and the set of stairs outside and the side deck. And apparently we "should have consulted her first", when she lives in England, didn't answer our phone calls/emails, and lives in freaking England. We are in Canada. We cannot just drop by to say there's something wrong.

That's not the b_s though, that's more me being irked that this lady is being all weird.

Edited: to add a few photos, just to show some of the damages and such. Forgive bad quality, it was taken with my cell phone.

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