February 17th, 2011

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FedEx Office

My Father has currently opened his own Business and he ordered business cards off of FedExOffice.com They had the exact card design  that he was looking for and he was very excited to get them in the mail. However when they got here, experience was spelled experiance. So we checked the email that sent the preview and sure enough, experience was spelt right. So how they messed up 1,000 cards, is beyond me.

So then we all went to the local FedEx Office in our city to show them the problem and get the cards fixed. It was about $97 for the cards so we had to do something.

When we get there, we explain to the woman at the front desk what happened and her reply was "Well did you get them at THIS actual location?" and we kindly explained no but since you guys are the same chain, maybe you could help us. She then rolls her eyes and sends us to the back to talk to the guy that does cards.

We then show the man the cards and again, kindly explained what happened. Off bat he acted like we peed in his cereal. He told us that it was our job to make sure that they were done right when my dad typed the information on the "proof" and then we tried to explain to him that the preview had it spelt right. He then said that FedEx does NOT proof their products when they make them and that since we already paid, they wouldn't fix them. We'd have to pay $97 again and take another chance of them messing the cards up.

So needless to say, FedEx Office doesn't even proof their own printed items and well if they mess them up, YOU have to repay them for their mistake.