February 2nd, 2011


'Service fee' at a gas station?

This is bad_service in question at my own store, but I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this policy and if this is normal.

I work at a grocery store chain called Kroger. We recently put in a gas station and one of my co-workers told me our gas station charges $150 on your credit/debit card paying at the pump. They hold it for a day or two and return it to your account (according to one of the employees who runs the station, $150 is the most you can spend at a gas station and that this whole thing is likely temporary). Well this is bad news for people who obviously don't have that much in their accounts and can easily overdraft them.

Has anyone heard of this policy at a gas station, is this normal? A customer told me this is normal in hotels. She told me she was charged $50 for a room fee to make sure she didn't trash the place but didn't know about it and got overdrafted because it takes a few days for it go back on your account.