January 30th, 2011

screen clean

usi wireless suck

not anything major, but it sure put a damper on my day.

i arranged to be connected with usi wireless, a company in minneapolis, for wireless internet at my apartment.

the installer came out on the 26th, and because my apartment is on a ground floor and kind of positioned in the back of the house, he wasn't able to get a connect in the normal way.
we arranged for a crew to come out on february 7th to mount the connector to the front of the house and run and ethernet cable to my apartment/router.
he said i wouldn't be charged for the visit since there was no installation.

sucked to not have the internet, still, but whatever. not the company's fault.

i looked at my bank account on the 28th, and they had charged me for my first month's internet and installation. neither of which i had. so i called them.

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what? really? you can't return money that was charged to my account for services i never received?
oh wait, suddenly you can, now that i said i wanted to cancel my service! nice.

just frustrating. i got an email about reimbursement today, but it's still annoying. i'm not exactly rolling in the dough, so $65 out of my account for nothing is pretty sucky.