January 18th, 2011


Bad Pharmacy is Bad

A little history:
It was discovered 5 1/2 years ago that I have a birth defect on the left side of my heart that affects how it beats, as well as a murmur and few other things that require me to be on lots of medicine; I take fourteen different meds daily: twenty five pills daily plus two asthma meds. My siblings also have the same problems on varying degrees, I just have it worse. I've been using a particular Walmart's pharmacy since they opened seeing as they were the first one's to implement the $4.00 'scripts in my area. All of this was done against my doctor's advice, but she relented once she knew of my (former) job's crappy health insurance that basically only was covered if you used Walmart and my other financial issues. In 2009, I went on disability and and in 2010 I signed up with an HMO that had a zero co pay on generic meds and a $1.00 - $3.00 coverage for name brands.
Well recently, my HMO changed it's pharmacy coverage and required me to have a co pay that I was not aware of because all of my new info stated that none of my benefits had changed from the prior year. So I was surprised when I went to pick up my meds on 01/07 and had to pay. But pay I did. I contacted my HMO the following Monday and found out that I was some how re-enrolled into the program with the zero co pay, but it wasn't reflected in the pharmacy's system. So in a way that was the HMO's fault; there was a big mix up, but they honored their mistake and I'm back to having zero co pays... supposedly.

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tl;dr: Pharmacy doesn't believe customer or the HMO when trying correct a payment mistake. They lose a long term patron in exchange. My HMO is so full of win, I love them.

Edited to fix misspellings.
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Never Fading

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Dear My Local Walgreens,

When I went up the pharmacy counter and asked them if they carried a product do not dismiss me. Yes, I have looked for it on your shelves. No, I cannot find it. I wanted to know A) If you carried it at all or B) If you could order it. Telling me to go look for it myself and dismissing me will not win me over. That was not helpful. Not the worst suck, but really annoying. They just told me no, they couldn't help me they didn't have it and the lady just walked away from the counter.

Gee, what do you know, I went to Krogers and they looked it up and said they could order it for me by tomorrow. That wasn't hard at all.

EDIT: It was a pharmacy item. A nasal gel spray as I get bloody noses very easily and saline sprays and rinses aren't cutting it. Was that TMI?
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A Big Pile of Ripoff

Dear shady (former) electronics store employee,

If I could go back in time and undo our trip to your store, I would.  Not that anything's wrong with the store in particular - it's that you said you were selling us a Kindle (while it turns out this location only had Kindle accessories), and sent us home with a box of Sony E-Reader accessories.  When my dad got a break from cleaning snow off the roads, we came back, only to find out you'd already been caught in a pattern of this underhandedness and scrammed with the extra cash; while we called the district office and said we should be able to obtain a refund, it turns out we could only get a credit.  A credit that was pretty much useless since Kindles WERE NOT SOLD THERE.  So now I'm stuck with a Sony E-Reader that doesn't work with my Amazon Kindle gift cards, and an incredibly cranky father who already hated my "gadgets fixation" from the start.  I hope you get a big kick in the pants for every person you ripped off.

Screw you,
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