January 15th, 2011

It's just too early to yell

I went to my local gas station that has this amazing oatmeal cookie cappuccino before work yesterday. I push the button, and it coffee starts to come out, but it also makes this horrible whirring noise. I stop and look toward the cashier who is just standing there, looking at me and laughing.

The cappuccino has six different flavors, and I thought maybe just the oatmeal cookie one was broken, so I try out the french vanilla. No dice. Cue more horrible whirring. The manager appears from the back, screaming at me to stop and yelling that I'm probably burning out the motor. I stand there with a 0.0 look on my face and she fiddles with things a bit. She jostles the contains around, tries again, and cue more whirring. She looks at me and just spits out "It's out of order!". I can't convey her tone appropriately, but it was what I would use to scold a puppy.

I walked out and went to Starbucks instead.
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Rubbish Bank Service

On 30th October last year, I inititated an ISA transfer from the West Brom building society to Halifax, because Halifax were offering a much better interest rate. The woman I spoke to in the bank told me it would take a maximum of 3 weeks and that the interest would be backdated to the date I applied.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I've heard nothing. Then begins a month long period of phone tag where Halifax tells me they've sent the form to West Brom and West Brom tells me they haven't received any form. At the start of January, they send me a new form to fill in, which I fill in and return. West Brom sent me a letter today to say that they have sent the money to Halifax.

This should be the end of it, but it isn't. Yesterday I received another letter from Halifax, with two new, different forms to fill in. Apparently they don't have the original application form I filled in on 30th October. These new forms are dated 11th January. This alerted my bullshit-meter, so I called the transfer people yet again and spoke to a very nice man who told me that yes, they didn't appear to have my application form on the system. It seems that the original branch never actually sent the application form to head office, and if they didn't do that they probably also didn't send the transfer form to my old bank. This means for the last three months Halifax have been jerking me around and blaming West Brom for something that I could have probably sorted out a month ago if they'd told me that they didn't have the form. Not once when I called was I told that they didn't have a copy of the form.

The nice man also told me that they could only backdate my interest to the date when I sent the new transfer form, since they didn't have the originals. Ok. So I call the bank, and get through to an answering service who tell me that the original person I dealt with is on long-term sick leave - this probably explains why the form never got sent. No matter - they tell me that the person who is dealing with her cases is with a customer and will call me back when she gets chance. I never got a call. Fortunately, I have my own copy proving that I filled it in on the 30th of October, so I've sent them a photocopy of that along with a letter explaining that I expect my interest to be backdated properly. I'm planning to go into the branch in person on Monday as well. We'll see what happens.
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