January 14th, 2011

Minor gripe

Dear Amazon Marketplace Seller:

 The phone was dirt cheap, so I didn't expect much. I wasn't even surprised when it failed to come with a charger - something not listed in the ad, but the fine print read "handset only", which I suspected meant no charger. No biggie, it's an older phone but a lot of omni-chargers have older tips on them anyway, so I was able to find a charger pretty quickly.

But would it have killed you to mention that the battery's bricked so even with a charger the damn thing won't work? By the time I replaced that too, I'm fast approaching the price I paid for the handset in accessories alone. 

Also, typically you mark an item shipped the day you put it IN the mail, not the day you expect it to arrive. I can't leave feedback yet because Amazon doesn't think it's arrived yet. Unfortunately for you, I'll remember this in a few days when it lets me leave feedback. 

Oh well. On the bright side, there's a huge difference between having a shitty phone for a month or so until I can afford to replace it, and having no phone at all. Even at almost double what I paid up front it's still (just barely) affordable, especially since I could spread the cost over two weeks. And hey, once I paid for the accessories, the phone was as described - "good" condition, "minor cosmetic damage" (actually minor, some scuffs here and there; I was expecting worse), unlocked, working fine. 
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Australian Air Express and Australia Post

After careful consideration, I bought the book Kitchen by Banana Yoshimitso from Dymocks Online on 6 Jan and paid for express shipping, which takes about 1-3 working days, although even with non-express shipping, stuff from Dymocks normally only takes a day or two to arrive. As the book was in stock, it shipped the same day and I received a tracking number from Dymocks for Australian Air Express.

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tl;dr Australian Air Express attempts to deliver my package to the wrong address, doesn't answer my email when I inquire where my parcel is and Australia Post hands my package over to someone with a completely different name without checking to make sure that the parcel belongs to the person picking it up.


Insurance suck

On December 21st, my car and my mom's car were run into by someone else. Both our cars were parked. My car was parked on the street, mom's in the driveway. Our house is in the middle of a T-intersection. So the guy hit the front end of my car, pushed it onto the lawn, almost completely took off the bumper and bent the front axle, sideswiped my mom's car and crashed into our Japanese Maple. No, he wasn't drunk.

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