January 6th, 2011

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At least the juice is good?

Just a short bit of b_s today.

I'm in Kroger, doing what one does in Kroger -- buying groceries. I get in a queue, and the (very nice) cashier rings up my things. The fellow at the end, who should be bagging? Yeah, he's standing there, on his phone, texting. I wait for a few moments, thinking he'll put down his phone and bag my stuff. No dice. Just keeps texting. The cashier notices in the middle of scanning things and tells him to "put that phone down" and help. He looks up, says "...Yeah, okay. Just gimme a sec," and walks away. Cashier apologises, and goes back to scanning. Okay, looks like I'll bag, fair enough. So, I bag my stuff and load it into my cart, but at the end I ask the cashier for a bit of help with the bags containing heavy things. I had surgery recently, I explain, and my sinuses are still doing their "I'ma bleed and drain like a mofo every time you lift something heavy for no earthly reason" thing. (Actually, it's because I had damn near a dozen scabs removed from said sinuses yesterday, leaving me with open wounds again, but why get into the gorey details with perfect strangers? ;)) I can get everything but the bags of juice and the ginormous bag of potatoes, I tell her. Cashier calls over to the texting bagger to come over and help. He strolls over, phone in-hand, and I ask him if he can put the heavy bags in the cart. "Well, you seem to be doing okay so far. Just think of it as exercise!"


I explain the "can't lift heavy things without bleeding" bit to him. "I'm good with everything else, but if I lift this heavier stuff, I'll end up with a nosebleed, so..."

"You look okay," he says. Well, thanks, but I'm still gonna bleed and drain if I have to lift this stuff. "Okay," he says. "Just give me a second." He texts again. I pay the cashier and wait. He keeps texting. I give up and put the damn bags and putting them in the cart. And when the nosebleed I mentioned started almost immediately, I point at my nose and said "See, this is what I was talking about," and went over to the customer service desk (after I stopped the bleeding, of course). The manager was nice enough, guessed which bagger I was talking about as soon as I said the word "texting," and said he'd talk to him.


(And before anyone mentions it, yes, I was going to end up with a nosebleed anyway when loading the stuff into my car, and again when unloading to take into my apartment, but at least I could have avoided an extra one, y'know? ;))
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