January 1st, 2011

i just want my sandwich :(

this is a tiny little thing, but I need to vent.

in the food court at my local mall there's a place that does sandwiches to order, you choose everything you want on them.

i always get a tomato and cheese sandwich because that is the sandwich I like. and there's one girl that works there that always starts making fun of me when i say i just want tomato and cheese. and the others always try to push me to get more fillings, even when i say over and over that i don't want anything but tomato and cheese.

i just want a tomato and cheese sandwich. preferably without getting laughed at. :/
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Gyno Oversight

Seeing as there has been an influx of medical related posts...
First off let me start by saying I love love love my Gyno. Up until now I haven't had a complaint really so I would really like some advice.
On to the story. Not really graphic but putting behind a cut as it might get long.

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Anyone else been in a similar situation? Where a trusted doctor makes an easily avoidable goof with unpleasant outcomes?

P.S. Both patches are Climara brand and the progesterone pill was generic.