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More Best Buy Fail!

Seems to be alot of it going around?

My husband received a laptop last year that was purchased AT Best Buy, and he was given a 5 year warranty on it. Said warranty also stated that aside from certain things like water damage, fire damage, etc, it would be fixed with no problem if there was an issue.
About a month ago, there was a huge issue - the fan stopped working, and simply turning it on for a few minutes would overheat it and cause it to shut itself off.

We go to the EXACT store it was purchased at, and we're thrown back and forth between the customer service desk, a desk at the computer section, and then after AN HOUR of being told the other people would have to help us, we're sent to Geek Squad. The girl standing at the Geek Squad desk asked what was wrong, and we told her. However she cuts us off mid-sentence, and in a very rude tone with a disgusted look on her face, asks what 'pirated software and music' we put on it that 'would've broke it'. Note that she never plugged the laptop into anything to run diagnostics, it's sitting cold and unused on the desk at this point - she's just shooting her mouth off. My husband simply said "... excuse me?", and she sighed and started typing things into a computer. She said they'll call us to let us know when to pick it up, took a look at the warranty we have (that DOES cover this fan situation). I actually turned to her at that point (since it was very late November), and said "Happy Holidays!". She mouthed "screw you" at me, looking directly at me, and went back to work. We were late for an appointment at the time, so we didn't bother complaining about her to anyone.

We get a call just before Christmas saying that they're going to start work on it, and that it'll cost $400 to replace this fan. Whether or not that was way overcharged I don't know, as I don't know computer parts, but regardless we didn't have $400 to fix the laptop at that time, so we told them to just send it back to the store. The next day it's back in the store (so evidently they just let it sit for almost a month?), so we go down to pick it up.
Now, my husband is one of those people who put bumperstickers/logo stickers all over the top of his laptop. When we saw the laptop, every single sticker had SEVERE water damage/fading on them, and there were tons of scratches all over the laptop itself, none of which had been there before. We speak up about it, and the guy at the desk tells us "you brought it in like that". Um, no... so we tell him to try turning it on - he did, and it refused to even turn on at this point. He had another guy look it over, who abruptly told us "you should keep it away from water, you know... now it's busted" (he said those exact words). Well there had been NO water damage AT ALL before we brought it in.
We ask for a manager immediately, and he tells us that he has no way to knowing if it was brought in with water damage or not, so he has to assume that it was. We ask to see that first geeksquad cashier if possible (I had written her name down on the receipt - I always do that, have since issues I had a year ago with a cashier somewhere), and we were informed that she had been let go a week prior.
We never yelled or raised our voices ONCE - we were VERY careful about that, and even kept it to near-whisper to not bother other customers for them. However when my husband stated he was going to call those "higher up" about this, we weren't just asked to leave, but they made us stand there until a security guy came over to escort us TO OUR CAR. We were asked to not do business at their store again.

Oh, we'll be dealing with this for sure - because this is ridiculous.
We're getting the laptop fixed elsewhere since he uses it for work (and ironically, to fix the damage the water caused AND get the fan fixed, we're only being charged $150). And we'll never be returning to that Best Buy (or any Best Buy) for quite some time.
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