December 30th, 2010




I got $125 in Best Buy giftcards for crazymas. I went to the store today, for boxing day deals. Their anime section was poorly stocked - I'm not into most shows, but there was one from years ago that I wanted to rewatch - and so we asked someone to help us. Or rather, tried to. We tried talking to four different people, all of whom ignored us.

Person five says "The anime section is over by the movies. Go find the show yourself." And walks away. WTF.

I'm disapointed, but grab a different show, a game, and a new DS travel case. I go to cash out, and hand the cashier my five gift cards, each with 25 on them. She says "You owe me two dollars" I look at the screen and do a double take.

"I gave you five gift cards."

She argues with me about it, saying "Call Best Buy company, they'll send you a new gift card. You only gave me four. You probably left the other one at home."

My sister chimes in with a "Noo lady, I saw her give you five cards."

The cashier gets angry and grabs two handfuls of used cards, saying "THIS IS ALL I HAVE!" And then she grins and tosses them down. "Call Best Buy."

I think "Okay, maybe I am wrong." And leave. Get home, look where I keep my stuff, nope.

Bitch stole my giftcard. Or dropped it, or something. But damn! I've always hated Best Buy, but I'll never go back now.

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I have an idea where to jam that eight ball, too.

Inspired by this post from earlier this month, I thought I'd share my own tale of medical bad_service.

Likewise, I'll include a wee warning: if you're adverse to descriptions of tumours and/or sinus/nose surgeries, this might not be the post for you.

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TL;DR: ENT Doctor, for whatever reason, blatently lies about treatment options, risk of malignancy, and recurrence rate of the tumour in my bleepin' head, putting me "behind the eight ball" (Folson's words) when having my third surgery to finally remove it entirely.
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