December 28th, 2010

Why I hate the self-scan

I go to the grocery store kind of late-ish yesterday to stock up for the week. I have a cart full of groceries and attempt to check-out at around 10:15 pm, but only the self-scan lanes are open. The only person I see is the guy working at the self-scan aisles and he tells me that this is all that is available. I go ahead and use the self-scan (which I don't like anyway because I am terrible at scanning labels). There's not enough room on the counter for the bagged groceries, and it's the type where you can't take off the stuff off the counter until the entire order is complete. In the process of moving and shifting bags, a jar of juice gets forced off the counter and shatters. The guy rolls his eyes at me and says absolutely nothing when I apologize for the mess. A girl comes over with supplies and they sprinkle the stuff down the soaks up the juice and sweep that and all the glass into a big pile, but they don't actually sweep up the stuff. They just leave it in a big pile and tell me to finish up, so I have to tip-toe around it.

It's not the worst thing ever, but entirely preventable. Also, it was the last jar of tart cherry, which I never buy unless it's on sale, and of course it was the last jar. :(