December 23rd, 2010

onna kenkaku

Pushy pushy pushy

The below post reminded me of my recent experience in haircuts.  While no means horrific as that one, it still was the worst service I received in a salon.

I went into a cost cutters.  I cannot afford really expensive cuts most of the time, but I've had good luck with those places and had done some overtime, so was considering some color. 

I walked in and there was a woman stocking products in the front.  She looked at me and told me she'd be there in one moment (surrounded by boxes).  No problem.  As I was heading over to wait, one of the stylists comes to the front and tells me she'll sign me in - and gives a snarky "thanks for the help" to the stocker.  This should have tipped me off, but I had come off yesterday's twelve hour shift and was tired.

I asked if they could do walk in color, and she went to check, apologized as there was no time and it wasn't usual.  Not a problem.  I go to the chair with her and she tells me to hang my coat on a nearby chair as "no one's using it," with another look at another stylist.  Apparently that's a color chair, and two minutes later they have to move my jacket as that chair needs to be moved.  Another snarky comment, and now I'm starting to get uneasy.

I sit down in the chair and explain I'd like a trim, and if she can do so while still keeping a feminine touch to it.  (I love short hair, but it's tough to not wind up with a guy's cut sometimes).  Her immediate response:  "Why don't you grow your hair out?"  

I blinked and explained that my hair becomes quite unmanageable when it gets longer, and she begins her work.  Like I said, I really should have had more warning bells but...

She also doesn't ask me if I want my hair washed, which I've never had happen before.

Next strike - I ask her the salon's hours and she gives me her personal ones.  Um, that's specifically not what I asked.  I know you probably rent the chair and all, but...

In chitchat, when the subject of locks of love comes up, she laughs and tells me how she informed a woman growing her hair for that of a place in New York that would pay her 500 for her hair (high end wig designer) instead and how great it was the woman did it.  Middle of haircut, or I'd be at the leaving point now. 

Haircut finishes, I think it's ok, and at the counter she rather pushily asks me what time I want for my color Sunday as that's the day she's in next.  I'm about done, but I do want some color, so I tip her and set it up and go.

Once my hair dries, I realize:  She hacked it off wayyyyyyy shorter than I asked.  Very much so.  And I couldn't see it because I forgot that hair shortens as it dries.  I'm not especially happy.  I called in and cancelled the stupid color.

Not horrible service, but again, the worst I'd had at a salon, and between the attitude and the pushy behavior and the not listening to my requests, I'm glad she told me her hours because I'm not going back there when she's in!  Wish I hadn't been so tired and out of it, or I'd have left far sooner...least my hair grows quickly...