December 20th, 2010

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Disabled woman collapses at supermarket

I found this news item when I was browsing through the latest news at the ME Association today:

Collapse )

TL;DR - Disabled woman feels like she's going to collapse while standing in a supermarket queue and asks the till worker if he can help her to somewhere safe to sit. He tells her to wait for the supervisor he's already called for a non-medical, non-emergency matter and goes back to ignoring her. Disabled woman tries asking three more staff members to help, each of whom cannot leave their positions but don't think to call a more mobile member of staff for help.

She (somewhat predictably) does collapse, and emergency services are called to get her to hospital.

Supermarket spokesman subsequently pats himself and everyone else on the back and claims that as soon as they were aware of her medical condition they did everything possible to help!