December 17th, 2010

Red Sag
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So, I got this shiny voucher for renewing my insurance (omg i feel soo grownup...) and to redeem it, i had to log on to a site. So, I tried. got error messages. rang their helpli8ne.

They took my details, and so on, normal call right - until I tellt hem what my problem is.
First I get talked down like a 2 year old about how I am supposed to do it, and then when I say that is already what I have done?

"Well you're obviously doing something wrong then" in the most conddescending, snotty tone imaginable.

I was pretty damn stunned at taht point - because, ffs, I work in a call center for a living. You do nto take that sort of a tone with a customer, and you do not mock them to their face. Because that shit just gets you an irate customer who will find a complaints number and do their best to get someone to hand your arse to you.

tl, dr: Telling a cusotmer they are "obviously doing something wrong" is not good call centre service.

Merry jingly

I suppose this warrants some sort of warning, while there is no gore involved in this post, it will be long and about my health. Specifically the health of my eyes, if for some reason, someone is overly squeamish about eyes, they might want to skip.

I suppose I should include a warning that this may increase your blood pressure from rage, but I'll let your individual hearts make that decision for themselves.

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SPN - Sam and Dean. Us against the World

Bank of America

In the name of helping us be approved for a program, Bank of America has increased our house payments instead of lowering them. Twice.

Calling and writing to them didn't help the first time, so I doubt it will help the second time. WTF do we do now? :(
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So, I'm standing at the bus stop. I can see my bus coming in the distance, so I go up on the sidewalk, while trying to find my ticket in my bag. I find it, after some searching, but when I looked up it just drove past me.

A friend of mine was already on it, and asked the driver why he didn't stop for me.

The answer?

"She should have already had her ticket ready."


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I went to the doctor last May to get a pap and a prescription for Yazmin. She gave me a 12 months prescription. Turns out my health insurance will only let you get 6 month prescriptions and no more until you have another exam. But get this logic fail, they don't cover pap exams until exactly 365 exactly after your last one.

How am I supposed to get my exam for my prescription if you wont cover it until 6 months from now? Good one.