December 16th, 2010

Big serious

Descent into building management purgatory

I've been living in my current apartment building for four and a half years. Two years in I moved from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom apartment two doors down the hall. I'm quiet and I pay my rent on time... except when the management messes up and loses it.

Other vital background: My building is owned by a large management company with a main office downtown. It's meant to be run by an on-site manager. The on-site management tends to do its job for the first 3-6 months, then becomes totally incompetent. We are on our fifth on-site management team since I moved here. Two of the managers lasted less than two months.

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Time Warner Suckage

 Ok, so I realize I might get a bit of crap for this. I have been dealing with issues from TW for a very long time. They have Automated Bill Pay and we have paperless billing. Sometimes, when things do not go through, we don't get notices. It has happened before and I went to check and realized I had to pay a bill. So I did. But, I wanted to know why we did not get a notice on our email account. I double checked to make sure that our email address was correct.

So this live chat ensued.......
Oh and before I post this chat, let me say this. I understand that people have bad days and sometimes mess up when typing things quickly in a live chat setting. I have done so. BUT, when you are at work,  you represent the company you work under. Therefore, you should take time to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. I am horrible at spelling and sometimes slack in the grammar department. But, when I am at work, I make sure to word things as professionally as I can.

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So I have a feeling I am going to get crap for this, but, oh well. I think that people need to put more pride in the job they do. And, if TW is outsourcing at least hire people who can write correct English and sentences. 

edited to bold my responses for easier reading. 

Mod Post

Just in case y'all were wondering, the rules haven't been updated lately and we still frown upon name-calling and personal attacks. So cut that shit out, please. Now. Because I really don't want to have to babysit the comm.

I will be the first one to admit that we've had some less-than-stellar posters and commenters lately, including some people who are obviously trolling for attention, and the mod team tries to be pretty hands-off in allowing discussions, disagreements and snarkiness, but there are several people who need to start using their grown-up words, or we're going to have to start putting people in time-outs.

Other than that, Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate

EDIT: to make this post fun, you can post pictures of holiday stuff - mine, my cat, who is categorically opposed to wrapping paper, is under the cut...

EDIT 2 (Electric Boogaloo): okay, apparently some of the people in the tagging group can't manage to tag correctly, so it looks like that group will be made much smaller AGAIN - if you want to tag, fine, tag, but don't just add 20 or 30 that don't even apply, it's really irritating.
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