December 8th, 2010


Verizon is about as helpful sometimes as being dead

Some of you may remember me bitching about Verizon and their utter lack of customer service here.

Well I finally have had it with them. I called this morning to cancel my service but I told the lady I will be damned if I have to pay that $100+ fee to cancel, because really I don't want to cancel I just want my service right. So she put me on hold for 15 minutes to get a hold of tech support to see if they could fix my service at all (because she can only wave that fee if my problem was unfix-able).

They figured out after my 13 call that there has been issues in my area since November 4th. A whole damn month and they kept insisting everything was fine and pretty much calling me a liar. However my issues have been ongoing since October. They made me stay on the phone for 2 hours (about 80% of that time on hold) so they could switch my service to a different channel or something (the problem was too many people in my area were trying to connect to the same server or something). They put enough money on my account to pay for two months and should be calling back in a week (granted every time they say "someone should call you in a day or two I have learned to ignore this since it's a flat out lie) to check and see if everything is still working fine.

If the issue comes back (which odds are it will) and I'm again stuck with .8mb/s to share among 3 people I will be done with Verizon for the rest of my life.

:edit: This is not a bad_service post it's an update on a previous one.