December 2nd, 2010

[rena] for whom the prey weeps

Short, but SO MUCH RAGE.

How about a story for the "school doesn't care about disabilities" pile?

I have a second cousin who's about 11 years old with a myriad of health problems. Not only was she premature, she has juvenile diabetes. My extended family's a pretty tight group, so we often get updates on her and her family's health (they lived for years in a town with death water, so their whole family's sick, but that's another story for another time). So I heard this from my mom, who in turn heard it from my second cousin's mom, so forgive the lack of detail and brevity.

Apparently, second cousin's blood sugar level was crashing at school recently. Usually she eats Smarties to bring it back up in these cases, right? Nope, says the school's disability specialist, she doesn't need "treats".

Luckily she had some in her purse and ate those... but I hope this "specialist" gets fired. Or punched. But mostly fired. He apparently works with the autistic kids, too, which makes me really confident they're being treated well. /sarcasm

EDIT: Apparently a major detail got lost when Mom relayed the story to me; this jerk-off had three prior write ups for mishandling special needs kids, so there's a really good chance he'll be fired for this. :)
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