November 22nd, 2010

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First Post- I hate you, Comcast.

K, So this is my first post (not that it matters), and my beef is with Comcast.

We signed up for their $69.99/month cable and internet plan, The initial bill (for installation and otherwise) was approx $141, that's fine. They went into my account to pay the bill, and I had insufficient funds, fine, that's cool. They accessed my account THREE more times, overdrafting my account $30 x 4. Not cool. I bitched at them numerous times, said they'd give me a $30 credit, fine. My bank also refunded my money (yay good bank!). So I get my bill today and it's $145! How does that happen with a $70 plan and a $30 credit?

I did the math and the answer is = They are trying to fuck me over.
And guess what? I'm canceling my service.

EDIT: And yes, I did pay the $141 bill, I paid in cash, and they went into my account AFTER I had paid it (3 different times).
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Jackass In The Box

Last night I decided I'd rather have some greasy and unhealthy for dinner because I was too lazy to make anything on my own and it was rather late. As I have a Jack in the Box that's open twenty-four hours right down the street from me I hop in my car and away I go.

I pulled up to order thinking I wanted a burger but when I saw the pictures I realized that no, I actually wasn't in the mood for beef and so when the guy comes over the speaker I asked him to please hold for a moment. Something I have done with many other fast food drive-thrus many a time with no problem.

After a few seconds another car pulls in behind me so not wanting to hold them up any longer I decide on my order, get my total, and pull behind the car already waiting at the window until it's my turn to pull forward.

So there I am, thinking about the game I just beat an hour ago and ready for them to hand me my drink and take my card and completely unprepared for the patronizing lecture I'm about to receive.

The window opens, the drink is handed over, I grab it with a thanks and look back up from putting it in my cup holder to see his hands folded and this look upon his face as if he's going to speak in simple terms for me to understand him.

"Did you pass by our first menu board?" he asks me. I look up at him stupidly because this is the part where I'm supposed to be handing him my card after he repeats the total and answer with a confused "Yeeeessssss?" "Next time," he continues on with his explanation, "be sure to use that board first as when you pull up to the speaker it triggers our timer and if we have to wait it backs everything up and slows us down." I just respond with a simple okay as I'm completely bemused at this point and hand over my card to finally pay. Then I get my food and I'm on my way back home as he chirps a "Have a good night!" at me which I completely ignore.

Now I can understand how it might be annoying if someone asks you to wait as you're being timed but I've been through a lot of drive-thrus where I've asked them to please hold and this is the first time I've ever gotten a lecture about it. Plus one would think that if I delayed them by some vast amount at almost 11:00pm at night then stopping to teach me on how to use their drive-thru correctly is just more of a delay, isn't it?

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I'm sure some of you may not think this is bad_service, however I fact I think it is downright ridiculous service.

My best friend and his wife had a baby who was born at 27 weeks. She lived for 6 weeks, before passing away. The mother just tried to return the things they had bought during the pregnancy (bedding and such) to Babies R Us, only to be told that they could not be given a refund, but that they COULD be given in store credit. Even after being told the situation and the fact that they do not need store credit, as they no long have a child to buy for, Babies R Us refused to budge.

Now, I understand that stores have return policies and that many of them include things such as credit only after a certain amount of time. HOWEVER, I also know from working in retail that stores have the ability to bend that policy at their discretion in order to provide "good customer service". Given the circumstances, I believe this is one of those "rules are meant to be broken" type cases and that the management should have been willing to be a bit more lax on the policy rather than make an already difficult situation worse.

They contacted the district manager who, after making a comment about how people will "say anything to make a return" agreed to "break policy" and give them a refund. So, basically after all of this....the DM then proceeded to call them a liar about the death of their baby.