November 21st, 2010


wizarding world of rude employees.

last week I went to Universal Studios with my boyfriend, and when we visited Honeydukes in Hogsmeade (a candy shop in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section), he decided to buy some Bertie Bot's Every Flavour Beans. the store had huge tubes of them that you could dispense at your own liking into bags. the problem was that the bags weren't pre-measured, there was NO indication of how much candy you were getting, and the only scale in the store was located at the front register.

my boyfriend was on a budget, so he eyeballed the jelly beans and put them into a bag. we take them to the front, and he's filled it up a bit more than he wanted. $10 more to be exact, which may not seem like much but like I said, we were on a pretty tight budget.

bf says to the cashier "I'm sorry but I didn't intend to get that many. could I please remove some, or whatever would work best?" the cashier just stared at him for a few solid seconds and literally ignored him as if he didn't ask her anything at all. she rings up the jelly beans then asks him how he wants to pay. he repeats the question. she yet again completely ignores him! as if he's not even talking.

he ended up buying way more jelly beans than he wanted to. I know this is mostly his fault, he should have spoken up (and I would have, if it were my money/my purchase) but I just think it was really rude of her to ignore his question not only once, but twice in a row. even if the answer was "no, sorry, you can't take back any jelly beans once they're in the bag".. that would have been better than just straight up ignoring him.

Irritation at McDonald's.

I work on a retail park with a McDonald's so today on my lunch break I had a hankering for a Big Tasty. I tootled across the road to get my food in the rain and waited patiently for a server.

I get to the front, order a Big Tasty (no onions or tomatoes) meal with a still Fanta with a side of onion rings with a dip, pay and only then was told they were out of the drink I ordered. Hm. Okay, minor suck but I can deal. I order a tea instead, the girl bags me up and I tootle back across to my staff room to chow down.

I opened up the bag to find... no onion rings. Urgh, well okay mistakes happen and they were very busy so I put it down to them being under lunch rush pressure. I go back to McDonald's and they give me my onion rings. By this point my food is stone cold so I tootle even faster back to the staff room.

I open up my burger to find... no bun?! Just the burger, salad, cheese and sauce. How on Earth they forgot that I'll never know.

So this point I am PISSED. It's a busy Sunday where I work and although we're allowed as long as we need on our breaks, I still have targets to hit and because I work in sales most of my wage is bonus. This was taking far too much of my precious time. I charge over there where they apologise and recook my sandwich. I specified no tomatoes and onions yet again.

Because I no longer trust in the abilities of anyone who works there, I decide to check my order before I left. Good job too because they'd left the onions and tomatoes on. The girl took one look at my face (dismayed because I was ravenous, incredulous at yet another mistake and angry because it's just the biggest waste of my time) and took the burger off me, remade it and threw in an extra large serving of chips.

This McDonald's usually gives amazing service and I'm on first names terms with most of the weekday staff members as I've worked on the retail park for years but that is the last time I eat there on a Sunday.

Minor WTF

Last weekened my mother and I drove three hours for a campus tour. We decided to rent a motel room for the night and drive back the next day after the tour. On the room key was a pizza hut ad with the words "We deliver to your room!" We were both starved by that time as we'd left at five am and visited some family before we rented the room, and it was now six in the evening. Mom called, so I only heard one half of the conversation, but I know that first they asked her where she was, took her order, then told her they don't deliver to the town we were in. Um. Really? Although I do remember when I worked in a hotel and they got their cards from wherever, they never got them with a restaurant ad on them saying they delivered TO YOUR ROOM when they didn't. Also, why take my mom's order after you've gotten her location only to tell her you won't be delivering to her? We just shrugged and went to get Arby's instead, but still. Wtf, yo?