November 18th, 2010

Gas Station/Cigarettes

This happened a little over an hour ago. I was out getting ready to do some shopping and stopped at the gas station down the road from my house to get some gas and cigarettes.

The cashier grabbed the cigarettes and asked for my birthday to enter it into the register. When I told her "5-16-86" she said "86? You're too young to be smoking." I laughed it off because although it's annoying, I've heard that before. But then she kept going and told me "You're going to have a short life and you're only going to get emphysema."

Thanks for the public service announcement, lady. I had no idea smoking was bad for you. You have changed my life.
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Mixed Bag 'o Sucks and Lots of Words Ahoy!

Quick general stuff; recently found this place, relatively new to posting in general so tell me if I fuck up too badly (yes I know no one cares it's my first time), and I tend to ramble and go on tangents. My bigger sucks are medical-related. I might will edit this if I remember anything else, by the way. Lots o' sucks that I've repressed, heh.

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So, TLDR: Lots of stuff happened, mostly medical-related.
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Apartment Woes - Where to go from here?

About a week ago, I woke up 7 am to see graffiti on my bedroom window. At that time, I concluded that happened when I was sleeping between 11 pm and 7 am. Whoever did this was pretty gutsy because they did it on the window that faces the well-lit parking lot.

I called the apartment and reported it as soon I was awake enough to be coherent on the phone. The person I talked to seemed concerned. She said that she would increase the patrol around my building (an off-duty police officer lives in the complex), clean the graffiti, and would send out a memo about walking in the proper area.

Since day 1, I have seen tons of people walk in front of and to the side of my apartment. My apartment is a corner apartment on the ground floor. It's situated next to some woods. I have seen people cut through the woods to go to other buildings (and the litter in that area is absolutely terrible). Not a big deal to me until the graffiti situation happened. I specifically told her that I wasn't necessarily blaming any of the people walking through the woods, and I asked that it be addressed in light of the current situation. She said she couldn't do anything unless she saw people doing it, but she would send a memo out to the whole complex (which, a week later, hasn't happened).

I have also had some other issues, such as finding broken beer bottles on my patio at various times (which supposedly can't be addressed unless they know beyond a shadow of a doubt who's doing it), and the fact that my patio floods in the rain. Of course, the water would sooner go to the parking lot that flood my apartment... but I've told them about that several times, and nothing has been done about it.

To their credit, they did clean the graffiti off my window, although it didn't look that hard to do. I think it might have been that spray chalk that people put on cars.

Is there anything else I can do? I took a picture of my window that morning. Packing up and moving isn't really an option right now, although that would be more of an option in early 2011. I don't really feel any safer over here now, and quite frankly, the apartment that I fell in love in 2009 isn't living up to their supposed standards. I don't even know why I pay as much rent as I do. Peace of mind?

Anyway... thanks for any advice.
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Conference Centre Challenges...

This week, I was in charge of sorting out a venue for an away day which was quite a big deal.  I'd heard great things about the venue and had a show round.  I was told how seriously they take allergies - in fact the person who gave me a tour of the place was very clear about how seriously things like that were taken - so I thought I would be fine.  I'm allergic to apples and to artificial sweetener and the reactions I get put me out of action - I really didn't want to risk it as I was playing a pivotal part in the meeting...

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I hope all this makes sense but let me know if anything isn't clear - please be gentle... this is my first post here... :)
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