November 17th, 2010


Nail drama!

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Insulting your customers = giving them bad service, regardless of whether or not you were trying to make small talk, start a conversation, or compliment them. It backfired, she failed on all accounts, and therefore provided poor service. Body policing, from anyone (man, woman, asian, american, customer, service provider) when it is not specifically requested is inappropriate and rude. Holy wank.
Would you like a balloon?
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Bad drive through service.

This is a minor? bad service from a couple of summers ago..(Just discovered this comm)

My family and I were on vacation in PEI (Prince Edward Island).

We went for a McDonald's drive through, and proceeded to give our order after the whole "Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order?". The girl who was taking our order kept giggling and laughing with another co worker, and we could hear it over the speaker. She asked us to give our order again, so we did, and she was still too distracted to know what the hell we ordered. Finally we gave it a 3rd time and she got it, or so we thought.

We got back to where we were staying, and my mom's order wasn't even included, even though we had paid for it. We were so frustrated by now that we didn't want to drive back to the city, which was about a half hour away.
I decided to actually call the McDonald's in question, and complained to the manager.
Thankfully he gave us a free meal that we could pick up the next day.
So that was nice, though it shouldn't have gotten to that point in the first place.
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An wtf

By fiancee's birthday was last month, one of the things he was given was a gift credit of $20 to He received it in an email, and used the option to apply it to his account for a future purchase, since he couldn't think of anything at the moment.

Fast forward to few days ago. He knows what he wants, logs on... and has a credit balance of zero. He finds the email, checks the code, it says it's been redeemed. Wtf.  We check my account, just to make sure he didn't accidentally add it to the wrong account. Nothing.

So he he gets on the phone with an rep. Over the course of an almost hour-long call, she tells him that the credit is shown as having been applied to his account... and also shown as having been used.  But oh, she's also seeing that he has made exactly zero purchases made since the time he applied it to his account.  -___- 

After some time, she agrees to reapply the $20 credit, yay!  She sent him an email verifying the new $20 credit, which should be applied soon. He's happy, hangs up.  It seems like bad service turned good! Except...

A bit later, he checks his account... to find a $14 credit.  I wanted him to call again, because that's just bullshit, but he was too fed up, and decided that $14 is better than nothing. At least for the future, we know not to apply a credit until actually ready to use it. What a pain.