November 15th, 2010

Nando laugh

2 Forms of ID still equals a 20 minute wait for my booze...

This was more annoying then bad_service but still :-/.

I went to a grocery store the other day to pick some things up with a friend, we also decided to get a bottle of Raspberry Sake (which was yummy). My friend goes to wander off to the bakery while I'm paying and the cashier asks for my ID. No problem, I just turned 21 and people still ask me when I'm graduating high school so I know I look young.

Now despite having renewed my license over a month ago (which is another suck in itself) I still have not gotten my new license. Mine expired on my birthday but I still have it, but I also now carry around my passport too just to be on the safe side when I want to buy alcohol.

So I handed the cashier both my ID and passport together, I explained that my license WAS expired and I was aware of that. I was just in Vegas and before that I'd used my passport at liquor stores near my house without problem. The following happens.

Cashier: You DO know your license is expired right?
Me: (thinking, yes I just told you that) Yes, that's why I gave you both my license and my passport.
Cashier: I'm not sure I'll be able to sell this to you.

Now I'm sort of confused, there are no signs indicating that a valid-in-state ID is a MUST for purchase of alcohol, some places do have those but this particular location didn't. A passport is a valid form of ID, the name, birthdate on both my license and passport are THE SAME.

So she calls over her supervisor, who hems and haws for a good 5-6 minutes before the supervisor calls for a manager. Meanwhile the line is getting longer and longer behind me and I'm getting embarrassed for holding up the line. After asking me also if I knew the license was expired the supervisor then calls for the manager, who arrives 5ish minutes later and repeats the same questioning process on top of asking me my full name, birthday, address, etc. I understand that selling alcohol to minors can get a store into a LOT of trouble but I GAVE THEM TWO FORMS OF ID.

I got my alcohol in the end but still, holding up a line for nearly 20 minutes?