November 13th, 2010

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So, a bit of background - I have Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disease that affects my intestines when I eat gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye as well as all their derivatives. So, I can't eat things like bread, pasta, etc.

Eating out can be a big pain because I have to make sure everything I eat is gluten-free, as well as making sure it hasn't been cross contaminated (touched something that has gluten - using the same utensils to cook, wheat crumbs on a counter, etc). I've become very good at knowing what restaurants I can eat at and always get the same things.

I also spend a LOT of time at my boyfriend's house, where he lives with his family. His parents are very good at cooking gluten free for me, and his mom is excited because she's lost 15 pounds in the last couple months from eating less carbs. But sometimes his family just really wants pasta or something, and I don't mind that. I tend to grab Boyfriend and drive us over to a Wendy's which is about a 10 minute drive away.

This particular time, it's rather late since he and were busy until about 9pm, then looked at each other and went "Woah, we're hungry!" So I drive us through the drive through, give Boyfriend's order, then say my usual: "A number 9 combo, medium, with Dr. Pepper. Also, could that sandwich come without a bun? Thank you! :) " Wendy's is very good about this. They put my grilled chicken patty with the lettuce and tomato in the little container thing that the baked potatoes come in, then put the mayo in a little side container. I pay, get the bag, glance in to make sure that there is a container with my chicken, and drive off. I didn't look too closely because Boyfriend was stealing my fries and starting a debate about some random thing.

We get home, race down to his room and open the bag. He starts munching, I grab a handful of fries and pull out the chicken. Ugh. They put the chicken with a bun in the container. Well, crap. I can't just take the bun off and eat it that way because of cross contamination. I sigh, tell Boyfriend that I was going to be grouchy for the rest of the night because I'd be hungry. He puts on his angry face and grabs my keys, telling me that we're going back to the Wendy's and getting me food I could eat.

Off we go.

We get to the Wendy's, go inside, and show the girl at the counter the receipt which says no bun. She sighs, takes the container with the sandwich and goes into the back. 30 seconds letter she comes back and hands me the same container. I open it, and lo and behold! crumbs all over my chicken! Boyfriend and I share a look, then I explain to her that no, I need a new grilled chicken made for me because I can't eat this one. She asks why, I say I can't eat the bun.

Then she steps back, looks at me up and down, and says "Good job on you not eating carbs, but seriously, eating one bun isn't going to give you another 10 pounds."

Um...WHAT?! Look, girl, I'm not fat. I'm slightly overweight, but have damn good curves and am not obese by any stretch of the imagination.

Boyfriend had wandered off to go use the bathroom, so I was just staring blankly at her until a manager happened to come by and ask if everything was okay. I splutter, telling him what the employee had said. Manager puts on HIS angry face, then gets me my chicken with no bun and gives Boyfriend and I free Frosty's.

Ugh. Really, I understand that having to deal with food restrictions is annoying. Trust me, I know. I deal with it every day! I don't like telling people I don't know specifics about why I can't eat gluten (I generally just say 'I'm allergic!' if they press) because it's none of their business. And really, does it matter if I didn't want the bun because I couldn't eat or because I was counting carbs? They still messed my up order, and all I wanted was it fixed!

That Wendy's is so convenient that I can't not go back, but I'll be checking my bag much better now.