November 11th, 2010

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Less heinous than others, but...

All of these medical posts remind me of something that happened to my friend a couple of summers ago. (Not nearly as dramatic.) We were at dance camp, and in the middle of the week she mis-stepped during a square dance and injured her ankle. She was taken to the local hospital, who diagnosed a sprain, bandaged her up and sent her out with a pair of crutches, which she used on and off for the rest of the week; there were some times when she actually put weight on the foot, but most of the time she just sat.

We found out a few days later, after she'd gone home and followed up with her doctor there, that the ankle was not sprained but BROKEN. And it wasn't a minor fracture that could possibly have been missed on an x-ray, either.

VA Medical Center Fail

So, one fine day in spring of 2009, I woke up to the alarming phenomenon of sudden onset blindness in my right eye. It wasn't totally black, but had some heavy blur filters, a weird thing going on with colors being wrong and a general blue-gray smear that was impossible to see through.

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TL;DR - VA doc thinks my sudden blindess is a blood clot in my brain. Send me home with Ibuprophen
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Weird Service?

So, I'd been wanting a chocolate shake all day but we were busy and I never quite got around to it until late.  Sometime after 10 but before 11 (I think about 10:30), my hubby and I headed out to get one.  I really wanted to go to Sonic, but they were closed early that night so we went to McD's instead.  We pull up to the speaker and I order a chocolate shake and he orders a strawberry one.  We pull up to the first window, pay and get our change and are told to go to the other window for our order (standard procedure).  As soon as we get to the second window, the employee opens and says "The shake machine is broken.  All we have is vanilla, would that be okay?"  I politely tell him no (I love vanilla ice cream, hate vanilla shakes) and could we just get our money back.  He says hang on and goes away for a sec.  Comes back, opens window and says "Could we get you anything else?  A burger? Anything?"  Again I say no and state that I'd really been wanting a chocolate shake all day and we just wanted a refund.  He goes away again.  In a minute I see him give me a thumbs up sign through the window.  He comes back again and hands me a chocolate shake and says they're working on the strawberry.  While he's gone, I figure out that they had made me a vanilla shake and added chocolate syrup to it to make a chocolate.  (It had syrup dripping down the side and a little on the inside of the cup.) When he comes back with my husband's he asks if mine tastes okay and I tell him it does even though it's way too chocolate-y.  They had done the same for my husband by adding strawberries to a vanilla shake.

Here's the thing though.  As nice as the drive-thru guy was, he went out of his way to get me a shake, I got the feeling that his boss was refusing to refund our money.  If the machine was really broken, shouldn't they have known that a) when I ordered or b) when I paid?  Why not tell me before they took  my money instead of refusing to return my money when I wouldn't accept the vanilla?  My husband said they'd probably already started cleaning up the machine for the night and didn't want to get it dirty again.  And that's fine but why not just say that?  And why not just refund my dadgum money?!  It was just weird.

But, the drive-thru guy was awesome and I thanked him profusely for being so nice.

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 All of these hospital sucks have reminded me of my ordeal last spring. It was by no means as awful as some of the ones here but it still sucked a lot.

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TL/DR: I sustain a back injury from a fall. I wait six hours before being offered a bed, then another two before I see a doctor for a five-minute (mostly visual) examination. Hospital staff essentially tell me to stop being a brat and to get over it.