November 5th, 2010

Bad Kitty

WTF: Supermarket Line Etiquette Police

I've been bouncing this around in my head since it happened yesterday and I finally decided it was WTF enough to post. If I am wrong I'm sure I'll have people tell me so.

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Seriously, I understand the cashiers thought process and I have no problem with it. It's just very rare that someone does or says something that leaves me speechless and this was one of those rare times.

tldr: Cashier does not want to ring me up because there are other customers in other lines at other registers who have been waiting longer than me.

ETA: I think I must be pretty bad at describing this set-up. When you approach the two fast lane registers there is a line at each one. You look at how many people are in each line, how many items the people have, how fast the lines are moving and decide which of the two lines you want to get in. The only reason there was not a line at one of the registers on this particular occasion was because the register with no line was changing cashiers.

I expected this may not be as weird as it seemed to me and I might get a bunch of people saying this doesn't really reach WTF status...I really didn't expect to start getting comments telling me how the store I go to is set up but I guess if more than one person is coming away with that impression then it must be because I didn't describe it well enough.
Hanson - not about hanson

Bad service at the restraunt my family half-owns!!!

I arrived at the pizza restaurant around 3-3:30 this afternoon. I was planning to use the free wifi in an effort to work on my nanowrimo  novel.  I store it on Google docs.  For the first few hours there was like me and maybe 3-5 other customers. ((I was ordering drinks during this time))  Well around 6pm I had just put in an order ((for actual food)) and customers started showing up.  Well at about 6:15 I got my food and was asked to move to a smaller table.  NO BIG DEAL.  I was sitting at a four top ((during the not busy time so i had room to spread out)) and it was starting to get a bit busy so I happily moved to a two top.  but then At 6:30 I was asked to leave by my dad's friend and business partner. 

Notice: I had ordered food... I was PAYING for my food.  (now as family of one the owners -my parents own it with my dad's friend and his wife- I get 25%off but I still pay for my food!)  I probably dropped over 20$ AFTER discount and not including tip and would have spent more!!!

I moved to a smaller table without a fuss when asked and I didn't even ask for help moving my food, bag, laptop.

**edited cus apparently i suck at life and fail miserably at doing math and paying attention while frustrated** I was EATING and had only had my food for 15 minutes ((put in the order at 6, got it at 6:15)) and due to the move ((about 5 minutes to get resettled and plugged in)) had only had maybe about 10 minutes of time to actually eat it.

I would not have minded if the manager (my dad's friend) had said "hey, we're getting pretty busy now.  If you wouldn't mind... when you're finished with your dinner, would you mind freeing up this table and finishing your work somewhere else?" but NOOOOOOOOOO he just said "Look, we're really busy and we need this table, can you leave?" I had to box up my own food and take it home.  By then it was stone cold.  I even told the manager "Um... I'm eating" and he just shrugged and walked off.  No apology for my inconvenience or anything.

Now I would understand being asked to leave had I just been sitting there typing (loitering) and not ordering food or anything... but I was a paying customer with a dinner in front of me!!! WTF???  EVEN BEFORE I ORDERED FOOD - I had been ordering drinks.

So yeah... I called my dad and told him what happened.  I'm not sure how this is going to be handled but I found this extremely rude and I was really angry at not even being able to sit and enjoy my dinner.

Also side note: I did pay for my dinner and I tipped the waitress, after all it wasn't her fault the manager was rude.

**also this post is over 400 words that did not count toward my nanowrimo novel.. so DOUBLE fail**