November 2nd, 2010

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Clearly Someone Stole It

A few years ago, I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Because my cousin "didn't want to be a bridezilla," instead of picking out a dress and letting up get measured for it, she decides to just pick the color and leave it to us to select a dress from a certain brand in that color. (In hindsight, it really worked out well.) This was actually really bad timing for me, because I was in my first year of law school and the only way I could meet up with her to pick the dress was to give up one of my weekend days. I wasn't happy, but I did it.

My cousin had picked out a shop based on, apparently, hearing good things about it. After I got through dealing with these people, I made it a policy to never trust my judgment again. Bear in mind that this dress shop is an hour away, so that puts a crimp in me just dropping by to check on things.

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TL;DR: Dress store calls ten days before my cousin's wedding to tell me that the dress I ordered hadn't actually been ordered, then proceeds to not return phone calls, leaving me to get the dress altered two days before wedding.

Bridal shoes are not for you!

I am in the wedding party for my very good friend L (who was my maid of honour) and have been busy helping her in any way possible for her upcoming wedding in January.

In June we went and tried on the shoes she had picked out for us. Way ahead of time? Maybe. But her older sister lives in the US and since she was in Australia at that time we were trying to get as much of the fittings done when she could also be there.
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What a nice end to the day

I assume, McDonald's, that you had a very good reason for not giving my dad the food that he paid for. As in, he got nothing. Zilch. I was the only one who got food. I am guessing the reason he didn't double-check was because he was tired and wanted to go home and eat, and that my part of the meal filled out the bag enough to not look suspicious.

I also hope that you'll remember that reason tomorrow because he's far too tired to go today, and I'm not walking all the way over there in the dark. I doubt I'll get anything, though, as there's no proof and all the food that remained will be in my stomach.

Thanks for the double cheeseburger you gave me instead of the quarter-pounder that was ordered, though...?

Now we gotta talk to our landlord who just phoned about her actually doing her job. asdhskfdg

Update: Retrieved the receipt from the car and called in. I didn't expect they'd be able to do anything, but the manager is going to give us the stuff they left out tomorrow. I wrote everything down, so hopefully it'll all go well!

Update-Update: All went well. The manager was there as she said she would be, and she remembered the call and gave us the meal.