October 31st, 2010


Kroger Deli wtf

Last week during my weekly shopping trip for groceries, I decided that I wanted to get some deli ham for my sammiches this week.  I headed over to the deli counter where I observed that most of the slicers had been broken down and cleaned.  I looked at my watch to double check the time and it was 8:30pm.  Cool, the deli normally doesn't close until 9, so I wasn't being THAT customer.  I wait for the guy behind the counter to acknowledge me and give him my order.  (Half a pound of Boars Head Rosemary and Sundried Tomato Ham and a quarter pound of the Boars Head Butterkäse cheese.)  He proceeds to get my order together, and while slicing he looks up and tells me:  "You're lucky.  You're the last customer tonight."  in this tone that told me that he was a bit put out at having to take my order.  I'm fairly certain that I had that deer in the headlights look.  In what world is it ok to say that to a customer?  I'd also like to add that there was another couple next to me that was checking out the deli case, probably deciding if they were going to get something.  I'm not sure if they heard the deli clerk or not, but they ended up not getting anything. 

Now, I do feel rather bad, because he had to open a new package of cheese to finish my order, but that doesn't excuse what he said.  I was there with PLENTY of time left to get my order. 

I worked in a grocery store for close to 7 years.  Our deli wasn't allowed to shut down the traditional side (sliced meats and cheeses) until the store itself was closed.  This particular Kroger is 24/7, so I understand that they have to close the deli at some point.  But shut it down at the posted time, not some arbitrary time you choose because you want to get out early, or just goof off on the clock.  I would have spoken to the manager in charge, but I was already pretty heated about some other things that weren't related, so I decided against it.  This was also the ONLY time I've had a wtf experience there, so I'll let it slide..this time.  I'd really hate to stop shopping there because it's the ONLY place for me to get Boars Head in my town.  If I stopped shopping there, I'd have to go into Lexington for my yummy deli meats.