October 28th, 2010

Tim Hortons, what the hell.

I'm... still processing this. So I might come off as extremely ragey.

Typically, I try to be extremely patient with Tim Horton's employees. I know from a few friends that work there that it's a remarkably shitty, thankless job - demanding, asshole customers, low pay, etc. I've rarely gotten an order at any Tim Horton's made correctly, but in the grand scheme of things - no big. They're stressed/training/having a bad day, whatever. I can move on.

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Uni Bad Service

I'm still really annoyed about this, so I got a little rambly. I went to my (normally just boring and annoying) Thursday night grad class, and instead, I'm pretty sure, entered the Twilight Zone. My prof has always been a little flightly, though nice, but tonight she turned the psycho on.

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tl;dr: Prof decides to employ her own unique grading system, yells at a student, calls students liars who say they have a 4.0, then tells the students to complain about her

EDIT: She just emailed the class and said that if we want to we can resubmit our paper. However, she won't grade them. She'll hold onto them until the end of the semester and, if we end up 'between grades' she'll read them and either bump us up, or keep us down. Just another thing to add to the complaint form.