October 27th, 2010

Lil' Jedi

WIC is private business

This may be me being oversensitive, and the suck wasn't even against me, but it annoyed me.

I was at the grocery, picking up a few things and had just gotten into line when I hear, "Manager to 4 for a WIC purchase. Manager to 4 for a WIC purchase." The woman ahead of me was using a WIC voucher to buy some things (milk, eggs, etc).

Now I'm not talking smack on WIC, I used it and was happy for it. But I wasn't exactly proud of it. It was between me, my checkbook and the state. I don't think I would have liked everyone in range to know I was using it.

Again this is me being sensitive, but why'd the cashier have to even mention it? Why not just say, "Manager to 4, please?"