October 24th, 2010


Minor bad service

Restaurant bad service. Minor, but annoying.

It's 1:30 in the afternoon; the restaurant is virtually empty. There's me and my significant other, and one other table. We got seated right away. We're ignored by two waitpeople, one of whom seated us and ends up being our waitress. And yeah, pretty sure we were ignored- she looked right at us three times in fifteen minutes. Didn't even come over to say she'd be with us shortly.

When she finally does, at 20 minutes of a wait, she acknowledges the long wait and takes our order. By now, there are a few other parties in the restaurant, but not too busy. She takes the order of a party right next to us, as well, who just came in. Fine; don't want them to have to wait that long.

Twenty minutes after THAT, my SO and I still don't even have our drinks and no one's been by to check on us. This is a pizza place; I know that food will take longer than usual to get out to us. But 20 minutes for two sodas? And the party next to us had their drinks fifteen minutes ago.

I try to be understanding; I can't tell if they're shortstaffed, or if there's another problem that I, as the customer, can't see. The problem is, we both had things to do this afternoon, and my SO hadn't eaten anything all day and was starting to feel ill. His fault, I know, but still- we had to consider that when we started discussing whether or not to just leave and go somewhere else.

As my SO and I are discussing if we want to wait any longer, I see our waitress wiping down tables. We decide to leave at that observation. Now, I did want to tell them that we were leaving. However, an attempt to get our waitresses' attention (A simple "Excuse me, ma'am") resulted in a heavy sigh and an sarcastically sweet, "Just a minute!"

Far as I was concerned, after that, she could figure out that she took too long to bring the sodas herself.