October 18th, 2010

Black Butterfly

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A few medical-related posts reminded me of this one.

Two sucks related to donating  blood!

The first one is minor:

When I first started donating blood, I lived in City A, which was visited by a mobile clinic.  When ever the mobile clinic was around, they gave me a call.  I then moved to City B.  The first time they called, asking me if I wanted to donate in City A, I told them I was now living in City B and asked if they could add that to my file.  City B has a permanent clinic.  I verified the address of the clinic and they supposedly changed it on my file.  The next two times they called, they asked me if I wanted to donate in City A.  Both times they changed the information.  They finally got it right on the fourth phone call.

And now on to the larger, more inconvienent suck:

Collapse )Also, the last time I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds, there was nothing (no lettuce, no cheese, no sauce, no nothing) between the first and second bun on my meatless Big Mac.  Wtf?  And if I have one more employee make a comment about how weird my order is, I'm going to tell them that they're rude for making such a comment.  If this were five years ago and I was ordering a veggie burger, I doubt they'd be saying it was weird for me to order that.  I worked in fast food for 5 years and would never dream of calling a customer's order weird or go "I NEVER heard of someone ordering THAT before".  If the customer comments on how weird their order is, no matter how weird it is, I tell them that they're wrong.
Cillian Murphy

Minor bad lawyer service

Debbie (or She-Who-Will-Not-Return-Calls)-

Yes I know the going rate for initial consultations in our area is between 90-200 dollars, and yes, I'm aware by utilizing the Oregon Bar Referral service, I get a nice discount at 35 dollars. I am aware this magically makes me less of a priority in your eyes, judging by your behavior.

However, that does not mean I appreciate you ignoring me for a week. I've called you three times in five days, learn to return a bloody message. Call backs are important in your business, you're dealing with people usually at one of the worst times of their lives (being that they're either grieving, in jail or suing someone, all of which are times of high stress and emotions).

I don't even work for a living and can call someone back when it's this important, learn how to do it.

(Upside, I finally got a hold of her...though she never did bother to call me back any of those days...let's hope when I see them tomorrow they don't magically lose my appointment).
sad llama

Tell them Big Martha sent ya

So, I’m stuck at work and decide that I’m going to order Moe’s for dinner. I call and verify that they deliver and order a Close Talker (basically, a taco salad) and a side of rice. I’ve never had the Close Talker before, but the website shows it coming in one of the taco bowls. I decide that even if it doesn’t, at least I have a bagful of chips to eat it with. I ask for no olives on the salad. They don’t give me a delivery time but I figure that it can’t be too long, considering that I’m just down the road.


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