October 17th, 2010

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Female Geek.. go figure

In letter format. Short and sweet.

Dear Huge technology store employee:

When I asked you to show me where the CPU fans where I appreciated you leading me there. You asked me on the way what type of processor I had and I told you Pentium. You looked at me like I might be confused. Handing me a box when we arrived at the location and saying "Buy this one" and then promptly walking off would have been great. Except you didn't even look at the box. I'm glad I did or I would have been at home trying to fit an AMD Athlon fan onto my Intel Q6600 processor.

The chick with a screw driver and glasses

*edited to fix brain fart from being up for too damn long*
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Hot soup is in fashion

Dear Waiter at Glory Days,

I was willing to let the fact you spilled hot soup all over me go because I was sure it was an accident. That is, until you glared at me like it was obviously my fault you can't set down a bowl without losing control and then proceeded to huff and puff when I asked where the bathroom was. I guess I was supposed to guess it was hidden behind the fish tank on the other side of the restaurant?

And to your manager who was going to make me pay for both the bowl of soup I wore and the second bowl of soup. I loved when you told it me that I would "pay for my mistake or you would call the police". I did not knock the bowl of soup out of his hands just to get our meal free. I didn't even ask for you to comp anything but the first bowl of soup. Eventually you did after argument but you should have just done it in the first place.

I will not be coming back to your restaurant.


The girl who's new dress and night you ruined.

Edit: I did write a complaint to corporate. I'm pretty sure the restaurant is a small chain in the tristate area so I'm not sure how much good it will do.