October 16th, 2010

  • matanai

I don't want any drinks with my blazing wings, thx *_*

Normally the waitresses at BWW are a little too slow for my taste, considering I always get wild or blazing wings (for those not familiar with Buffalo Wild Wings, they have a bunch of different flavors for their bone-in and boneless wings, with "wild" and "blazing" at the hot end). But usually when I'm at an important life-ending moment of suffering without a drink, they swoop in and replace it. For reals, if I had a waitress that was actually on top of the game refilling my drinks when actually needed, she would probably get some amazing ridiculous tip, but this is only theory because it never actually happens.

So last night my friends called my boyfriend and I to go to BWW with them. It was late, and I'm sick, and just got done doing some errands and chores anyway, so you can't really tell I'm wearing pajamas, but I'm wearing green flannel checkered pants and a sweatshirt. They're already there when we arrive, we sit down, the waitress comes over and takes our drink and food order. Says she has to go take someone elses order and then she'll be back with drinks. Ok, no rush! (maybe I shouldn't have said that)

She brings us drinks, and despite there being no apparent important game on (baseball? who watches baseball?), it's about 10pm, and we're in the dining area up front, it's starting to get a little busy. There are some 4-6 size families around us, and out of the corner of my eye there's a large and still growing group of teenagers requiring extra tables and chairs to be mashed together.

A different waitress brings our food out, but first she goes to the wrong table, looks confused, they refuse the food, she goes back and then comes back to us. My BF ordered blazing and caribbean jerk, I ordered wild and mango habanero, and my friends have some naked chicken tenders, a chicken wrap, and fries. My BF and I run out of drink, so we stop eating, and start chewing ice and celery and stealing our friends fries (it burnsssss us, precious). Waitress is hovering around in the general area somewhere, not stopping close enough to grab her, so I do the annoying slurp-really-loudly-on-my-straw taunt to draw aggro, but it doesn't work.

After what feels like an absurd amount of time, but in reality was only about 5-7 minutes, my BF realizes they have the to-go station up front with the fountains, and goes to fill our own drinks. The waitress doesn't stop by while he's gone at all. We run out of drinks again, and my friend runs out of soda, and the waitress doesn't show up. I go to refill my own drink, BF is done and doesn't want a refill. We all finish eating, still no sign of the waitress.

She comes back eventually with the check, my friend asks for a water instead of soda, she doesn't offer anyone else a refill (even though his wife has been out of water for like 10 minutes, but she wasn't bothered much by it). Then she never brings his water refill. I mean, he had ice, if he waited long enough it would melt into water, duh.

TL;DR: My mouf is burning yo, so we refill our own drinks, waitress gets a very small tip and perhaps the biggest tip of the night BF writes on check "Don't mean to be a dick but we had to refill our own drinks :(" IMO that tip was too much considering the only part of the transaction she was involved in here was taking our order and bringing our check, another waitress brought our food.