October 15th, 2010


Should I Be Afraid?

Last Saturday I went to the shoe repair shop to pick up three pairs of shoes I had dropped off for repair on Wednesday. The shop has a much larger lobby than I am used to seeing in a shoe repair shop, and when I arrived on Saturday there were 4 or 5 men sitting in chairs in the lobby. I may have paused or hesitated at the door as I was a little surprised to see so many people hanging out in a shoe repair shop, but I remember thinking how cool and old timey it was – I am fairly new to the town, but really like the quaint, if somewhat rundown, down town area.

As I walked by the men on either side of the lobby and approached the counter, the shoemaker said, “Are you afraid you are going to get attacked with all these men in here?” I hadn’t been, but …WTF? The shoemaker then asked me a lot of questions about my T-shirt and if I had it made especially for me. He then returned to the attacking theme and told me I shouldn’t be worried because most of the men were sick anyway (they were all senior citizens).

I like to think that I am willing to chalk up a lot of perceived rude and inappropriate behavior to simple social awkwardness, but I did think this was extremely unprofessional and in very poor taste.