October 4th, 2010


~buggin' out.

I live in Florida, in an apartment building that was just opened to the public last year (it was previously military housing since we're near a naval base). mix the heat, + people moving in more and more, and we've developed a little bit of a german cockroach problem in my apartment. we keep our apartment extremely clean, and are careful not to leave trash or food laying around, but it's all too easy for bugs to trickle in to your apartment from other apartments since everything is connected.

we don't have a huge infestation or anything, but I've seen enough roaches to make me squick and make me feel really uncomfortable. I hate seeing them in my cabinets with my clean dishes, along the door of my fridge, or in my bathroom. when we first started to see them, we decided to call the office immediately, since they told us to tell them "the moment we see a roach!" and they will nip it in the bud.

fast forward 6-8 months later of monthly sprays, and there has been NO improvement. I am seeing more roaches, not less. out of sheer frustration, I wrote an email to the office, telling them how obviously the pest control company they are using isn't working. I'm GUESSING that the stuff this guy uses is pretty much just Raid or anything you can pick up in a hardware store, and it's not of professional grade. suffice it to say, my email went ignored. I can't afford Orkin (who I used at my old place and their chemicals worked like MAGIC) so I just feel kinda stuck with a pest control company that doesn't work. the guy recently did come back and spray when I called to complain, and the entire time he was in my home he literally told me that *I* didn't know what I was talking about, and that I don't have an infestation so I shouldn't care, and that just because his glue traps were empty, my problem must not be bad enough to warrant being sprayed this often.

to top this off, the ignorant wench at the office actually told my mother that the reason we have bugs is because the tenants upstairs from us are hispanic, thus they make a lot of hispanic type food, and that it 'attracts bugs'... WAT??? GTFO WITH YOUR RACISM.

can't wait to move out of here!
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Springhill marriot

I spent the weekend this weekend at a convention at the lovely Springhill Marriot. It went well, all was good. I forgot a bag at the hotel though... (My fault, I know, partially. It had been shoved under an end table by a housekeeper and turned so that the red side faced the wall, making it really hard to see, I forgot to move it back in sight. In the morning we were still exhausted from the weekends con, and long drive, and out of sight was out of mind)

We called the hotel Immediatly on realising the bag was left behind. Got told that no one had been in the room since, and no one had been in to clean it. Yay! Lo and behold today, the bag is mysteriously gone, all my ds games are unaccounted for. Housekeeping says they didn't find it of course.

Admittedly, I half expected this, it is a hotel, and I should not have left it behind. What I did not expect was the hotel to utterly blow me off. Up to and including the management not bothering to return my call, for over five hours, then when she did, all she would tell me was that she trusts her head housekeeper, in an excessively rude tone. It was obvious the woman thought I was trying to scam her, even though I had at no time asked for anything but my bag to be found.

A WTF On The Rainbow Bridge

Recently, I was with business colleagues near Buffalo, NY.  Since we arrived the day before the actual business part of the trip was to take place, we decided to go over to Niagara Falls, NY to check out the Falls.  All of us had brought passports with us just in case we decided to go over onto the Canadian side.

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Oh Walgreens. 30 =/= 60

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to pick up my monthly prescription of 7.5/750 mg of vicodin. I picked it up around 10:30 a.m., but didn't open the bag until later that evening, around 7:00, after the pharmacy was closed.

As soon as I took the bottle out of the bag, I knew they fucked up. 60 vicodin don't fit in a small bottle. 30 do. 60 don't. Sure enough, they gave me a small bottle. Just to be sure, I empty the pills out on a tray, count them out, and yup. Only 30. I look at the label. 60 is circled with the pharmacist's initials, showing that the count was double checked, like it always is. Oh really? Hrm. Nope. Not this time.

The Walgreens pharmacy in my town closes at 6:00 on Sunday, so there was nothing I could do about it last night...which means no pain pill before bed...and no pain pill this morning...because I was completely out...arg.

I call after they open and leave a message because it doesn't give me the option to speak to anyone immediately. I outline the problem and about an hour later I get a phone call back.

The woman from the pharmacy asks me to explain the situation. I do. She says she checked her pill count and she's only off by 8. I tell her, ok..well I'm off by 30. She tells me to bring the bottle in and she'll see what she can do...but she was all...grr..at me. I'm sure they probably have to deal with people trying to get more pills out of them by lying about it, but damn woman. Don't judge me, please. Check my records. Call my doc if you have to. Squeaky clean record here.

My back hurts. My knees hurt. I just want to take my pill. :( I'm going in after work to show her the tiny bottle, with the label, all 30 pills, so hopefully they'll make it right..otherwise I'll have to go beg my doctor for more pills for the month.

Edit: I went in on my lunch break instead of waiting until I got off work. Apparently the pharmacist was prepared for me. She had a new script waiting, and just wanted to take a look at the one I was given. When she saw the small bottle and who filled it, she got...yeah, I'll just go with pissed...that's the nice way to put it. She apologized, handed me my new bottle, and said that I was obviously not given the right amount of medication because there was no way 60 pills could fit in that bottle and apologized again.

So yay! I'm surprised it went so well.
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Bank of America

Is the Obama Home Modification Plan real? We have been trying through our bank for almost a year to get our home payments reduced through this plan and the people we talk through either claim ignorance, say they will have someone call us back (which never happens), or lose our paperwork. We have faxed the info they needed, at their request, at least 5 times, and there is no record of it.

The only thing that has come out of this is an increase in our home payments. We can barely afford the monthly payments and are almost to the point of losing our house.

Does anyone have any experience in this? In looking online, we aren't the first people who have been screwed over by BoA for this modification.