October 1st, 2010

Trinity Knot

CapOne Update. Bad Service Turned Good.

An update to this post.

As of two hours ago the FB charges that started all the trouble have been refunded (the transaction dates have all changed of course, but you can clearly see that FB has returned the money) and CapOne has refunded the overdraft fee. I will check again in the morning when the account information is available, but so far so good.

Thank you all for your support and advice, but please pardon me as I am going to shamelessly ask everyone to send a few 'good thoughts' my way while I wait for my new bankcard to arrive and put the codex coda on my id fraud adventure.

(no subject)

Dear staff at *Children's Farm*:

I know it's hot and the animals are smelly, but could you stop texting for one second to acknowledge me so I can order some bottled water? Your fellow staff in the other areas weren't all that great either. It would be nice if someone would actually talk to me when I request something. When I walk up to your window to buy goat's milk to feed to the baby goats, don't just stare at me and then open the cooler, slamming down the bottle before I give you my money.

Hey, it's great that you provide hand-washing stations for those of us who don't want to walk around with animal saliva on our hands after we take advantage of the feeding stations. But wouldn't it be nice to not have the soap dispensers empty? Luckily I had some wipes in my bag.