September 29th, 2010

Trinity Knot

The mysteries of account 'holds'

When I woke up saturday I found two fifty dollar charges that I didnt make on my bank account statement. Checking my email brought me a message from Facebook, advising me that someone had attached my bankcard to their FB account and giving me a link to a form to fill out in case this was a case of fraud.

Putting two and two together, I contacted CapOne to freeze my card and filled out the helpful little FB form. CapOne was great about freezing my card, and ordering me a new one for that matter, but of course there was nothing they could do about the two charges Collapse )

TL:DR More fun with overdrafts, and funky banker's accounting. Customer gets bitchy when bank-rep gets stuck on stupid and keeps trying to explain a concept that is already understood instead of addressing the real problem. Manager and customer agree to disagree, and customer waits to see if bank will keep using their funky accounting when it works to her own advantage.

Minor Suck at the Vets'

Minor bad service but it pissed me off.

Recently our household has expanded to include two chinchillas. They seem to be in good health but I thought a check up at the vets wouldn't do any harm. We already have a pet bird and are registered under his details. I will point out an issue that is my fault and that is we haven't changed addresses with the local vets since we moved. But I thought that would be an easy task to do. Apparently not.

I phoned the vets to make an appointment with our prefered vet. The receptionist seemed a little sharp on the phone. I assumed it was due to them being busy (I had to wait on hold for a couple of minutes). I tried to explain that we were registered with the vets under a different animal. However I wanted to book an appointment for a check up for the two chinchillas. This washed over the receptionist's head and she became increasingly grumpy. Whilst trying to find our record she screamed down the phone at me "How many animals are you bringing?!" as I explained for the THIRD time that we were already registered with them under our bird's details. She couldn't find our old address on the system or my pet's name which was a little odd. Since we got the bird 18 months ago, we had to visit the vet every 3 months due to a problem he had with his feathers. Also he has a slightly unusual name that does make people do a double take.

After eventually getting an appointment booked, she realised that my chinchillas had not visited the vet before. Suddenly she whipped out this statement of "You need to book a double appointment if your animal has never visited us before." So she cancelled my appointment and re-booked me in the following day. I've now had to move a coffee date with a friend I haven't seen in a while. Minor gripe but my original appointment (for this afternoon) was much better.

Throughout the entire conversation she was very snappy and did not seem to listen to what I was saying. Apparently she has a history of this. I made the above phone call at work and some of my colleagues overheard me. One asked "Was that X at Vets you were speaking to? She's a nightmare." She has my MALE colleague registered as Mrs Jane Smith. Also I was on the phone for almost 10 minutes (not including my hold time). Previously I have had appointments booked in less than five minutes.

It's shame because my previous dealings with the admin staff at this place has been very good.

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