September 25th, 2010

Depressed - Not to Believe

Minor/annoying doctor service

Which could become a bigger bad service if they caused a problem with my rides.

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And a random update on mum's stuff: I got her remains back (they did not hold them hostage as I feared), and should be seeing a probate attorney soon (mostly for the house and her bank account, everything else is mine in the fact I paid for it originally...except her clothes), the wrongful death stuff will be held off until I have the toxicology report (autopsy came out clean, I now can go back in time and smack my mother for being a hypochondriac), so another month or so. On the plus side, I'm healing slowly but surely, so I'll still be around to annoy everyone with my random comments.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, both on this group and personally, you guys are really the glue that held my brain together those first few weeks without her. It's apparently very hard to be co-dependent when one of the two is dead...who knew? *grins*

Our mailman is kind of a dick.

My fiance ordered some Magic: the Gathering cards and some card sleeves from Troll and Toad two or three weeks ago. Usually they're very good about getting his orders to us within a week, but the package never showed up. Troll and Toad had it marked as being delivered, but the apartment office said they never received the package, and the mailman swore up and down that he specifically remembered putting our package into the mailbox.

Two days ago, my fiance finally got his package ... complete with several shoe prints, a big hole in the packaging, and evidence that it had been opened and resealed. And to top it off, it had been returned to Troll and Toad, who immediately put it back in the mail for us. Thanks, mailman. I think I'll stick to UPS when I order stuff online.