September 20th, 2010


Does she not know how to count? Or just doesn't want to do her job?

My coworker just shared this story with me:

Her and her daughter stopped into a KFC last night. Her total came up to some dollars and .87 - and since she had a handful of change, she gave the cashier .87.

The girl held it up in her hand and demanded "What's this?"

M, rather tired from a 6 hour hike and four hours of driving, thought that she had perhaps miscounted her change. "That should be eighty-seven cents."

The cashier tried to give her the change back saying "I' m tired - I don't want to count this!"

Now M is normally a really sweet woman. But M also, at this point was tired, starving - and has worked retail for many years herself.

So she took the money out of the girls hand - and counted for it her, dropping the money into the hand as she went (mind out, it was three quarters, a dime and two pennies - not like it was all small change there, either). The entire time, the cashier stood there and sighed. Because this was a difficulty for her. Or something. The cashier then closed out the order without another word.

The next couple that came up paid for a $7.00 order with a $20 and the cashier asked them if they had anything smaller "because she didn't want to have to use that many bills."

Chef Fail! Call Gordon Ramsay!

So on saturday, I went out to eat lunch with my great-aunt. We went to a particular restaurant we'd been to before where the food was passable in most cases (though I've had poor food there before. It's a crapshoot. I heard their boss is really hard to work for so they have a rather significant turnover where it comes to cooks.)

The specials included a Croissant with salisbury steak, egg, cheese.....and hollandaise sauce. Having not had hollandaise sauce in a while I thought that would be yummy.

How wrong I was.

The Hollandaise sauce was rather sweet and conflicted badly with the cheese and the flavor of the salisbury meat (hamburger patty). The flavor of the egg did not improve with the hollandaise, either. It was enough to give me a stomach ache. Plus the croissant was soggy, because the genius chef thought it was a great idea to pour the hollandaise ALL OVER the top of the bun.

There were some tasty hashbrowns with it, but I couldn't finish them because of the hurt that strangely too-sweet hollandaise (I can't remember if it's SUPPOSED to taste that sweet) put on my tummy.

I have to wonder if the wait staff has considered calling Kitchen Nightmares...though the place is always packed anyway. Too many people are happy with part-time substandard "home-style" food in this town.

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Dear Mall Kiosk Guy,

I know you're trying to sell your hair care product. And I know you get paid based on how much you sell. I also know you're supposed to greet mall patrons and try to get them interested in your stuff.

Know what's not a good idea? Smacking potential customers upside the head with your brochures. I very politely told you, "Not today, thanks." Your response was to follow me, hit me in the back of the head, and tell me loudly that, "Your hair's kind of frizzy, so you definitely NEED THIS PRODUCT!" When I again told you I wasn't interested and started walking away, you hit me again with your brochure. Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.

I passed by you again on my way out, and saw you hit two other people with your damn brochure. That's when I decided to go to the customer service desk and complain. Because really, personal boundaries and all.