September 14th, 2010

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Samsung! USUX.

oh damn it! Last week I ordered a case for my phone off Amazon. I double and triple checked the model number, and everything matched up, so I thought I was okay.

Well, apparently not. See, when the Glyde first came out, it had these weird issues with the touchscreen [basically, it was possessed] and so they fixed it and started putting out the Glyde 2.0 or whatever. When they re-released it, they [for whatever reason...] changed the dimensions of the upper half of the phone by like... a millimeter, if that.

Apparently the case I got was designed for V1.0, not 2, because the top half won't snap on at all. It just doesn't fit. Damn. I had no way of knowing, because the model numbers matched. So now I'm out $15 and I don't know if I can return it or not because *gasp!* I OPENED THE BAG. *eyeroll*

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A copy of the letter I am going to send to MyEyeDr. Please make suggestions if there's something I could say better!

To whom it may concern at MyEyeDr:

I went to the Foxchase Shopping Center location on September 7 for a contact lens fitting. First of all, the lens fitting itself took place in the main area where anyone picking out glasses, waiting for an appointment, or just having walked in from the street could see me. I was uncomfortable with this. I had trouble getting the lenses into my eyes and after trying for over an hour, I decided to come back and try on another day.

The next appointment I was given was today, September 14. I asked Lynda, the office manager, if there was any way I could take my contacts home and try them there. She said no because it was a liability issue. I understand that, but I have had contacts before. I realize that it has been ten years and my old contacts were not torics, but I am familiar with the process. I told Lynda that I was not comfortable sitting where anyone could see me. She said "Ok, let's move to a back room, then." I was happy until I followed her into a storage room and she immediately said in a very snotty manner "Well, I could TRY to get a table back here or something, I don't really know what you expect me to do." I told her in a polite manner that I would rather come back a different day when my eyes weren't red and stinging, and she said "Well, I'm sorry your eyes are bloodshot, [sing1118], but I can't change that, and I don't know what you want me to do." I was taken aback by her sudden change in attitude once we were out of the main area, but I said that of course it wasn't her fault that my eyes were bloodshot and that I would rather just come back another day. I gave her back the case with my contacts, said that I would call for another appointment, and left.

I have already paid for my exam, fitting, and a three-month supply of contacts. I do not appreciate being belittled and made to feel like I am wasting someone's time because my eyes are sensitive and I am having some trouble with toric lenses. Is there a possibility that I could schedule my further fittings at a different location, or at least when Lynda is not at the Foxchase location?

Thank you for your time,

I don't feel like I can accurately describe how belittling and rude she was. I'm not being intentionally difficult, I just have sensitive eyes. Today happens to be a day when I would not wear contacts (they're not for everyday wear for me). I was crying in the store and all the way home. That's not okay.

EDIT: Rather than send a letter, I found that they have a customer service rep during business hours and called and spoke with her. I detailed the unnecessary rudeness and asked if I could schedule further trials at a different location. She said that was just fine, and called them for me to see if they had my trials in stock, and scheduled an appointment for me. So I'm going to try a fitting again tomorrow at a different location and hopefully all will be well.

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Email Bad Service

Dear Way too many companies,

You know that little link at the bottom of your web page? The one that we have to click to send you an email to ask you questions not covered in your faq, or related to a specific problem we're having?

Would it really be that much trouble to hire a few actual people to answer them?

I understand that you probably get a whole bunch of questions that can be answered with an automated response. But I think it's better for your business to have a human look over the email briefly and forward those to an auto-response program, than to have an answer generated off some keywords in every email.

Why? Because I keep sending detailed emails about various problems, and I'm tired of getting responses that ignore everything I wrote.

And please stop adding a name to the closing, you aren't fooling me.

P.S. B&N, 5>3.

P.P.S. Those companies that do have people answer them, Thank You!

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