September 11th, 2010

{stock} windy


This one happened to my coworker at the cafe next door to where we work. Everyone I work with goes here frequently for coffee, breakfast and lunch on our breaks.

There is this one guy that recently started working there that is creepy, to say the least. He is always dripping with sweat (which is gross, since I have definitely seen beads of sweat roll off his head onto the counter :/) and is extremely surly and unpleasant. This sure takes the cake for WTF service though.

My co-worker went in and asked for a coffee. It was about 4pm, right near closing time so this guy was alone in the store except for maybe someone out back. My co-worker (who I will call CW from here on out) asked the guy conversationally, "How's it going?"

He replied "I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep at all last night."

That sort of statement lends itself to an "Oh, why not?" which is exactly what CW says.

"I was getting busy," he replied.

CW laughed, assuming it was a joke, but the clerk kept a straight face. CW grabbed his coffee cup after paying and went over to fill it up. The clerk continued on, "Let's put it this way. My idea of foreplay is a full body massage."

To which CW gave him a puzzled glare, took his coffee and left.

This guy is new, and to that point CW and him had not exchanged more than "Hi"s and "Thank you"s. I haven't seen him at the cafe since, so I think maybe he got fired for being really weird and gross. Who says that to a stranger, especially at work?