September 8th, 2010

{stock} windy


My boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden the other night to use up the rest of the money on my gift card. It was Saturday, so naturally it was very busy and we chose to sit in the cafe area instead of waiting 20 minutes for a table. Our waitress ran over to us. Literally, she ran. She breathlessly said, "What do you want to drink?" We told her and then she ran to the next table, and the table after that, then ran out back.

She was gone for maybe 5 minutes then came around the corner and slammed our drinks down on the table. She slammed my drink down so hard that some came out of the top and splashed on the table. She asked us what we wanted to eat and we both ordered. She started running backwards to the next table while still writing down our order and asking us if we wanted soup or salad, and she bumped into the elderly gentleman sitting at the table behind us. She almost fell on his lap, and he seemed kind of shaken up by it :(

The meals were brought out by someone different, who politely set them down and walked away instead of sprinting. Later in the night when our original server was clearing our dishes she did it with such force that a knife went flying off the table and skidded across the floor. She was SO frantic, it was really strange. She was also very rude and brusque - never asked us how we were, if the food was okay, never once said thank you or have a good night. I understand that it was busy but get it together, girl.