September 7th, 2010

Please, don't lie to me.

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TL;DR - I ask Amazon seller if they shipped my item, they say yes and give me a non-functional tracking #. In reality, they haven't shipped it yet.


Apparently people are somehow getting that I got a tracking number on the 1st. NO. I did not. I received the tracking number on the 6th.

A tracking number, when first created, will show as invalid until the system updates. This can take hours or a couple days. Then it will show the date the postage was printed, or a scan at the initial post office where it was created/delivered/first scanned (however this is not a case of physical post office shipping, this is a larger company that prints their shipping labels).

It is entirely possible for me to have checked the tracking number before the system updated, since the seller had just then printed it, and it was not yet in the system when I received their email.

I hope that helps people understand. :P Because I have no clue how all of you missed where I said "Yesterday, Sept. 5th, I asked if they had shipped it" at the very top of my post. :|


a little backstory...

neither my husband or i have the greatest credit - chalk it up to being young & stupid, and  of course we regret it now.  almost 3 years ago we decided to purchase a new(er) van so that i would have something reliable to transport our 3 children in.  we went to a nearby dealership after seeing a vehicle online that we liked.  amazingly enough my husband was approved for the loan & we were able to drive away in a pretty nice van.  the loan goes through a company that specializes in high-risk loans - Atlantic Financial (now known as TEBO Financial).

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i probably missed some details in the retelling of all this but when i'm this pissed i'm luck i can retell at  if it doesn't make sense just let me know & i'll clarify whatever i need to.
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Dell fail or Stop while you are ahead

My boyfriend has a Dell laptop with a warranty that gives him the option of getting the laptop repaired at home by an engineer that will come to his door. Collapse )

TL;DR: Dell has a wrong number that has never had anything to do with us, then the engineer cops an attitude while he is calling a number that he isn't meant to call during the day time, never gets in touch with the person he was actually meant to call, then calls us 45 minutes after the appointment time to tell us he will be there in 30 minutes and gets offended when I suggest that he is running late. Dell proceed to call to ask how things went, we tell them and they apologise. Dell then calls AGAIN to ask the same thing and this time give us a string of reasons why the engineer might have been late and might not have been able to call and might have felt so stressed after a long day that he didn't get around to apologising... only to be really shocked to find out that in other professions punctuality or at least telling the customer what is going on is considered incredibly important.
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Pizza delivery woes

This happened to my younger sister who happens to live with my husband and I at the moment.

The husband man ordered pizza from Dominos online for us, there was some deal on getting drinks so we got some as well as cheesy garlic bread - which is full of awesome. Our total was somewhere around $35-6 with delivery paid by card online.
Younger sister B overheard us talking about it upstairs and ordered pizza online for herself and our other housemate, being 17 she doesn't have the shiny plastic and was paying with cash. She gets a confirmation phone call that yes, there is a second order for the same address and thinks everything is dandy.

Our order comes in the standard 20mins or so, no problems. But they must have had a bunch of orders between the time we ordered and B ordered coz her pizzas were a much longer time coming. Like, an hour later than ours or something. Which kinda sucked, but it happens yeah?

B answers the door to Pizza Delivery Chick and is told her total is $36-ish dollars. B is paying cash, and has $30 flat on her. She made sure the order was less than $30, 2 pizzas +delivery =/= $36. She says this to Delivery Chick.

PDC: "No, your amount is $36."
B: "It can't be, we only ordered two pizzas."
PDC: "Well, I forgot the receipt but I know it was $36."
B: "You forgot the receipt? I am not paying $36. It was supposed to be $2*.**"
PDC: "Whatever, if I'm out at the end of my shift it'll be all your fault."

Um what? She forgot the receipt so it's my sisters fault if her cash is wrong. If I'd found out about this sooner, I would have called to complain about it to the manager. This same chick is fairly belligerent whenever she delivers to our house, so I'm totally not surprised by the attitude she gave B. Doesn't make it ok though.