September 6th, 2010

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No return business here.

I went down to a motorcycle swap meet just for lolz and saw two bikes there that looked, well, acceptable....and then I looked at the price and it was half what I would expect to pay.

Skeptical, I spoke with the seller, who said he had a shop (handed me a business card), and that they were just taking up space and he really wanted to get rid of them, thus the bargain price.

...Oh yeah, and the one that looked better didn't have a title. Well, that's a red flag, so I focused on the one that obviously needed work. I can do work, and for a bargain price I'm willing to put a little labor in.

We talked about exactly what work needed to be done (he alleged it was mostly cosmetic stuff, plus a new headlight) and I said I would have to think about it and talk with someone with a trailer. My father agreed to use his truck and trailer, so we went back together.

Funny thing, as soon as I showed up with a MAN in tow the story changed--suddenly the bike needed much more work, a new battery, and oh yeah, this one didn't have a title either.

(How far did he expect to get before telling that last part, anyway?)

Even when I save up enough money to buy a bike that isn't a bargain, I'll avoid THAT shop. The indisputable fact that I'm a woman is no reason to lie by omission, and nothing chaps my hide like someone willing to cheat me just because I'm not a certified mechanic.
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Bad service at Wendy's. Who would have thought?

About a week and a half ago, I wound up having to take my son to the doctor after school, then the pharmacy to get medicine. Since it was dinner time by the time his prescription was filled, and he had behaved himself very nicely, I decided to go ahead and get fast food for him as a special treat, and since Wendy's was right next to CVS, he decided to go there.

So, we go in, and place our order. two kid's meal nuggets, 2 quarter pounders with cheese meals, and another burger combo (i do not remember offhand now). the person filling the orders must have been new, as he kept asking his co-workers about various things. At one point he asked how many 'value fries' were supposed to be in the order, and the cashier answered 3. OK, i did order 3 combos, so that sounds right to me. It took almost 20 minutes for them to finish filling my order- the burgers were ready and packed first, one of the kids nuggets and one container of fries next, and finally the other kids' nuggets and the other fries.

When they went to hand me my food, they tried to hand me only one soda- I had to remind them that every meal came with a drink. I get home and find that we were missing 2 containers of fries, and there were no toys in the bag, as there should have been for the kids meals. The burgers were also cold.

So, we sent a message to Wendy's corporate, filing a complaint, as this was not the first time we have had issues with Wendy's (especially this particular Wendy's) and knew that contacting the store itself would get us nowhere.

We still have not gotten any response to our complaint. Which certainly tells me how they feel about customer 'service' and 'satisfaction'
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I like pretty girls too but I've been waiting 25 minutes

Supermarket deli is a madhouse with about 25-30 people waiting and only three employees filling orders. I have 00 and after 25 minutes we are finally on 99. I see the young male employee finish with his customers order and I am waiting for him to call out the next customer.

A pretty young girl steps up and says something to him. They talk back and forth for a few seconds, with the crowd I can't hear what they are saying but he reaches over and she hands him her ticket. He then advances the counter to 01 and I realize he is about to start filling her order so I step up and say, "Excuse me but you just skipped over me" while holding up my ticket. He replies, "I'm sorry, I thought she was 00. I'll take you as soon as I finish with her."

Bullshit. He looked at her ticket and he would have advanced the counter to 00 if he thought she was 00, not advanced it so the next person called would be 02. I don't know if the young woman had no clue that there was a 00 between 99 and 01 and wanted to be fair or if she just felt guilty but she told the young guy that he should take my order first since I was ahead of her.

I like pretty girls too but you're not at work to try and interact with the pretty female customers, you're at work to help all the customers.
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TL;DR: Cries for help and orders ignored, bad things happened.

Edit to Add: My journal has most of the posts regarding this matter open for those who are interested, feel free to join me in my journey of loss, grief and hopefully, a happier ending then it's beginning.
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Best Buy!

I find myself at the mercy of Geek Squad now. My HP warranty had 10 days to go before expiring, and my laptop's monitor decided to act up (so I thought, more on that later).

23 Aug: I take my precious machine to Best Buy along with the original receipt (I shouldn't be on Hoarders, but close maybe, I still had it in a pile of other receipts). I fill out the paperwork, and while I'm standing there and the guy is doing stuff, the monitor starts working again. So screw their $99 backup plan, I bought a flash drive and did it myself. On the paperwork, I filled in the primary telephone number with my current phone number -- different than when I bought the computer. I pointed this out to the person since the number on the work order was my old (and dead) number. He said "oh, I got it, it just didn't save, I'll take care of it!" In the future, it will be taken care of -- with a newly printed order to prove that they got my new number.

28 Aug: I call the store to check on the progress. They tell me that it's being checked out still. I talked to the same person who checked me in, who assured me they had my current phone number.

Yesterday: I called to find out what the hell's going on. I'm told that progress has stopped because the store only has one adapter for all the HP's. So I have to drive 90 miles and take my power cord up there.

Today: I take in the power cord and find out that the problem isn't the monitor, but a failing motherboard/GPU. Oh, and the manager had to ask me which of the THREE phone numbers on my form to call me on! One was a 309 number -- Illinois, and a part of the state I've never been to. I live in Ohio and the BB store is in West Virginia. I tell manager guy that original guy said "oh, yeah, we have your number". Manager guy says that they've probably been calling me at the dead phone number. Manager scratches out dead number on service order and writes the new one in. He also said the computer is going to an HP repair depot because the hard drive is discolored from heat buildup and the problem is likely a mobo issue which they don't deal with in store. And it's being shipped overnight, which Manager made seem like the exception rather than the rule, so that's a good thing.

Just listen, people. That's all Original Guy would have had to do. Don't give an empty reassurance when you haven't done a damn thing. How hard is it to change the phone number when you've been told the one in "the system" is not functioning anymore?