September 5th, 2010


It always happens :)

I've posted here before... I'm your weird vegetarian that has adapted to fast food by ordering food without meat, but typically comes with meat. Most places are pretty okay about it and don't have a problem.

The other day me, my Mom, and my daughter decided to go to Wendy's because my mom wanted their chocolate shake. My daughter and I were hungry too, so I ordered a Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe, nuggets for my daughter, and a drink.

First, the wait was forever. The guy must of been new, and asked us to pull up to tell him what we wanted. He was having problems finding the simple things such as the nuggets, so of course when we told him that we didn't want meat on the sandwich his head exploded into pieces. He goes back into the food area and we hear him tell the guys no meat. We waited no less than 10 minutes for our food. He said they ran out of nuggets so they had to wait to fry some more up. Things happen, so be it, but they should of been a bit more prepared.

Well we are handed our food, start to drive away, and I see that they put the meat in a separate container, but there is about half a slice of cheese stuck to it. I check my sandwich, and sure enough, there is the other half. With meat juice and pieces of meat stuck to it. There is no way in heck I am going to eat that with meat stuff all over it. We pull back into the drive through line, and we go to the window to tell them what was wrong. First, the manager was extremely snotty with us. He was defending them taking the meat off of the sandwich and pulling off the cheese to put on the sandwich, sans meat. My Mom, the hot head she is, asked "How hard is it to not put a piece of meat on a sandwich, when the guy that took our order specifically said not to?" The manager then says, word for word, "Don't diss my crew man, they are only doing what they are told to do, so dont diss my crew" so then my Mom asked who tells them to take meat off a sandwich that isn't supposed to have it, and then peel the cheese off said meat and put it on the sandwich? He says he will get another sandwich to us right away, and I swear this was put together like the ones you see on commercials, everything was perfect. But we had to wait another 10 minutes for it... no idea how it takes that long to make a sandwich.  He hands it to us with an attitude, and then snottily asked us what else we wanted and how we could remedy the situation. We weren't out to get free stuff, so we said that was fine, nothing else needed to be done.

So we drive away, I take a bite and started laughing.... my mom asks what's wrong.... they didn't put the cheese on the sandwich :) Of course we didnt go back to bitch, but it was funny considering the situation.

It would be so much easier for me to eat meat, because this happens all the freaking time. But alas, meat would make me pretty damn sick, and I don't like the taste, so methinks this is something I'll just have to put up with, since most of America eats meat and doesn't understand how someone could not like the taste of meat.