August 31st, 2010

It should NOT be this difficult!

I was recently diagnosed with a chronic condition that would normally be treated with steroids. I'm a nursing mom so steroids aren't an option. My doctor prescribed a drug that is not commonly used in adults but is designed for this condition. It has taken 2 weeks and at least 20 phone calls to get this prescription figured out.

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It sucks to live in a smallish town where I really don't have any other options for care. =P

super fun adventures with an awful driving instructor.

Hello, people of bad_service! I'm pretty much 99% sure this is a bad service, seeing as I paid for a service and am not satisfied with it.

I thought I would share my recent experiences with an awful driver's education teacher. So, I'm sixteen so it's time to start driver's ed, I was pretty excited going into this because I really want to get my license. However, after the first class, I was not impressed. In my state, we have to spend 30 hours in the class room. For my particular program, it was broken up into weeks. The first week was Monday-Thursday, 9-1.15 with a 15 minute break, and the second week is Monday-Wednesday, our last day is tomorrow.

The first day we got there, for the first two hours (yes, TWO whole hours) he had us filling out forms and paperwork. First, writing down all the dates of the class for our personal records, then again for his records, then again for the DMV. I was not impressed, seeing as he treated us like idiots and made us do it step by step, even though the second two forms were completely the same as the first. It was completely infuriating, seeing as it was a complete waste of time. None of my friends that went to different auto schools had to fill out their own forms- and waste two hours on it.

But then, we started slowly learning about driving. However, along the way we slowly learned about his life. I'm convinced he is a pathological liar, as, according to him, he has:

been in the Army
been in the Air Force
gotten two different college degrees (one from a very prestigious school)
been a cop
been an EMT
raised his niece from the time she was 2
been a sky diving instructor
fenced professionally
been a rock climbing instructor

He is only in his mid forties. I mean, okay, he maybe could have done it all but that is a lot of stuff to do. Also, he has been in both the Army and the Air Force, yet he has never left the country. Is that even possible?!

Also, I find him very unproffessional. The second day of class, the phone in the office kept ringing. It's a small school, and he's the only employee there most of the time. So after it kept ringing about 2 minutes, he stopped class and answered it. He came back about five minutes later, and said it was an idiot calling to ask to use the school's car for their driving test tomorrow since they couldn't find one to use. He told us not to be an idiot like that kid. I found the fact he called one of his customers an idiot unprofessional, as now I will be afraid that I am being called an idiot when I call to schedule driving hours.

Another thing that happened was on the third day of class. A little background: I live in the middle of "Red Sox Nation" but I don't really follow sports or anything. One of the boys in the class with me showed up to class one day with a Rays shirt on. The instructor stopped class to say to that boy "No Rays shirts are allowed in my classroom. I'm going to have to ask you to put your sweat shirt back on. No Rays, no Yankees, etc. If anyone shows up tomorrow with a shirt like that, it's getting ripped off your chest. Unless you're a young lady, then you'll get a shirt to wear and have to change."

He also swears in class, which I think is a big pet peeve. I just find it really unprofessional. Today, when a boy told him that he would be unable to come to tomorrow's final test due to another commitment, the instructor said, "I'm going to kick your ass if you don't make it tomorrow." I was just kind of like :/ since I think that's really rude. There's no rules about having to complete the classes in all one go- many people miss classes and make them up two weeks later.

Oh, and another thing that happened today. I'm the only person in my class who attends a private school. While I realize my school may have a bit of a snobby reputation around here, I work really hard to maintain the scholarship that allows me to study there. We were talking about drugs in private school, and he turns to me. "You go to a private school- but that doesn't mean there's no drugs. It just means there are better drugs." I was a little flabbergasted, and said something like "I don't think my school would really want me talking about drug use and our school."

He also really likes telling us stories about when he was a cop. He likes to brag about all the people that he's had deported over the years. He also likes to make fun of certain race groups- like telling us about the time he arrested 20 Haitians for having a block party without a permit. Other fun stories about him being a cop include pulling people over if they were 1 mile over the speed limit, and hitting people with two fines for the same offense by wording it differently.

So, yeah, basically. He's done a lot of other stuff but that's all I can remember right now. Thanks.

tl;dr: Driver's Ed teacher is a racist, unprofessional jerk.