August 30th, 2010

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So I usually don't post here, since I don't have any worthwhile horror stories. However, this little problem has bugged me since the beginning of my existence and still haunts me. So here goes.

Dear cashier at the supermarket, convenience store, etc.

I have a humble request I feel I have to ask of you. It's minor, it's a little silly, but hey, it's a pet peeve of mine.

Could you, upon scanning in my cat food and milk, maybe not make some stupid comment about how I'm making the world's worst cereal?

No really. Could you, for a second, just go with it, instead of calling attention to what odd combination of needs I'm buying here? Maybe just ignore it, instead of acting like I must be some kind of retard? Perhaps you could just accept that I want milk for my cereal, and food for my cat, at the same time?

Oh, it was a joke? Oh, cool. Cool. I guess I can find the humor in it. Maybe I can even laugh at it.

Oh wait. Everybody else in line is also laughing at it. No, at me. Thanks.


Honestly, this bothers me a lot. In fact, the worst example of this didn't even happen to me, but to someone else in front of me. They were buying a package of cupcakes..and condoms. I know, it is an odd combination, but hey, maybe his girlfriend/spouse had a birthday and he was getting the cupcakes for the party and the condoms for...the later evening?

But first, he had to deal with the cashier saying "Cupcakes and condoms? Man I wish I was going to this party!"

The man looked completely mortified. He then completely clammed up, paid quickly, and just sped out of the store. The rest of us in line were aghast at what had just happened.

Charity Telemarketers gone bad

We mostly ignore what we believe are calls from telemarketers. Usually this is VERY easy, as anything with 1-800 or 1-877 (1-800-FUCK'EM!) is picked out on Call Display and pointedly ignored.

Once in a while there will be charity-based telemarketers who have numbers that aren't easy to isolate as being telemarketerish.

So one day, I pick up the phone. Some guy starts into this spiel about some magic show and tickets to it as a benefit for breast cancer thing. I don't even remember the name of the act, but the guy was trying to say that the act was a "pretty well-known magician". I was like "Dude I've never heard of him before." And the show was in a town 45 min away, and I had no way of getting there, if I had the inclination (which I did not). So I'm telling this guy, "Sorry, can't afford it."

Guy then asks if he can send something by mail, I said no, I'm on a fixed income, I can't afford to donate anything now.

Guy immediately cops an attitude. I forget exactly what he said, but it was something like what about if someone in my family got breast cancer. I get disgusted and finally manage to get to the point where I can say goodbye and hang up.

A few days later, another call like this comes in, and my brother answers the phone. I don't know if it was the same guy, but it was definitely from the same organization. When my brother was in a refusal mode, guy got rude and copped an attitude and my brother hung up in disgust.

Seriously. Charities are shooting themselves in teh foot by hiring such douchebags. Where's the Do Not Call List when you need one?
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Audrey (lethebasii)

Ick. Ick. Ick.

One of my dogs likes to wear clothes. My 9 year old daughter Megs will, from time to time, use some of her allowance money to buy Kitty (the dog) a new outfit. Megs and I had been looking at various places all weekend for some clothes for Kitty and we weren't digging anything at all.

So we went to the grocery store on Saturday, and right next to it is a Pet Supermarket. Megs asked me if we could go over to Pet Supermarket before we went into the grocery store to see if they had some outfits for Kitty.

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