August 27th, 2010


Getting packages...or not

Wednesday the buzzer for my apartment rings. I use the intercom, but ours can get kind of wonky and hard to hear. So it's very faint, but I'm pretty sure (99%, I wouldn't randomly buzz anyone in) I hear "delivery." So I buzz them in and wait. And wait. And...nothing. Until later, when I find a "You have a package to pick up at the post office!" slip in my mailbox. My boyfriend and I decide to wait until today to go get it as we both have off and other errands to do.

Fast forward to today. When the EXACT SAME THING happens.

Every other time it's been a certified package or whatever you have to sign for/be physically present for the delivery of, the person will buzz, come in, then knock on my door and deliver it. And these people (we don't always have the same person, even if the packages are sent USPS like these) did not even try - I would have heard a knock, I was just cleaning the kitchen/playing Wii, nothing overly loud and obnoxious.

So at the post office today I bring it up, and the person working there is just like, "Oh...they should try to deliver it." Yes, they SHOULD, but they don't. "Well, I don't know what to tell you." And now we have to go back again (couldn't pick up the one they tried to deliver today, which I sort of understand), which isn't easy as we have different schedules and share a car.

It could be much much worse I know, but it is still irritating.

(Oh yeah, boyfriend just reminded me! Last week we also got two packages (a book and the Wii, we are honestly not usually this popular!), and I don't remember if they were shipped FedEx or USPS, but the delivery person just LEFT THEM BY THE MAILBOXES. If it doesn't fit and the office is open, they are supposed to leave it there (or leave one of the "Tried to deliver, will attempt again" notes), but this person was obviously like, meh, whatever. My book didn't matter so much, but if someone had snatched the Wii, my boyfriend might have gone apeshit. WTF is up with my lazy delivery people lately?!)